Punishment for not taking what is presented after magic

Greetings all!
If you do some kind of work, ask for something and something is presented to you but after considering your options you do not take it, will you be punished? Could spirits/saints/deities/demons/whatever punish you for not taking what is presented? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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No. You always have the option to not accept the results of your magick. It would go against your free will if you didn’t. Jason Miller covers this in his book The Art of Spellcasting, if you’re interested.

Just thank the spirits that brought it to you and move on.


As long as you remain respectful and show gratitude for the work done for you, you can pass it up safely.


Thank you very much @DarkestKnight!
I did a work to a friend who is unemployed. In a first moment an amazing opportunity presented but despite all the efforts nothing happened. Almost two months after that, another situation presented, this new one is kinda “sure”, but the job will require a big life change which was not in the “original plan”. The job is very far from here and it doesn’t pay so well. In fact I’m questioning what I have done magically speaking. But I will check Jason Miller’s book! :blush::pray:

Thanks @That1Gurl! Good reminder! :blush::pray:

I’m going to buck the trend and say possibly - reason being, I had a run of good luck with winning stuff a while back, then i won a bottle of champange (it was from a site about recipes and I just enter their draws routinely).

I don’t drink recreationally ever, and my old man only really likes red wine, so I put the champange away to save as a re-gift.

Almost the moment I’d done it, it felt “off” to do so, and my lucky streak ended that day with the specific talisman.

I think because I didn’t feel any real gratitude and because I intended to pass it along, or something.

Anyway that was a fail for me, pure and simple, I should have had one glass of it in thanks and then maybe frozen it once flat for cooking.

I also know one other situation like that with winning money but I can’t really speak for their situation, except to say they found the same, it was like turning off a faucet.

Sharing fwiw, I would say don’t take the risk, feel the appreciation and use the gift in a meaningful way if at all possible.


I know this. Don’t break a pact.


I concur with what @Lady_Eva said, which is why you must always acknowledge what is given with gratitude, whether you accept the gift or not.

In the example Miller gives in his book, he asked a goddess for a job and the opportunity he got was far away and for less pay than he was making at the time, so he gave his offerings to the goddess and said “thanks but no thanks.” He still acknowledged the goddess for the effort though.


Exactly the case @DarkestKnight! I’m impressed with the coincidence!!! :flushed:


And the goddess was Manman Brigitte, from the Voodon pantheon, and they have been known to punish their followers if angered, so as long as you are thankful for what was done on your behalf, I think you are fine.


Thanks @Lady_Eva! Appreciation and gratitude are always on my table! Sometimes I give thanks too much for almost nothing. But Mr @DarkestKnight reminded me of free will. Maybe I’m approaching magic wrongly but I’m extra cautious when doing something for other person. :blush::pray:


@Lady_Eva have you considered another cause for the end of your good luck? I mean, I have gone through similar situations and in all cases the objects were full of negative energy. Maybe to have won that prize, the champagne bottle, had done that. And maybe your spiritual allies caused the bottle to fall in order you do not keep it in your house for more time. :shushing_face:


Well, to be honest I felt thrilled to get an e-mail saying I’d won, sent my address, that was certainly gratitude & appreciation, then when it came, I have an ambiguous relationship to stuff like that so I think after opening the fancy box, the “ooh shiny bottle” gave way to “meh I’m going to re-gift” - maybe one some level knowing I wasn’t going to get to drink it anyhow.

That felt a bit wrong, like if this was a movie that would be when the low keyboard tone starts up and you know something’s not going right.

But it was when I mentally decided to put it in the pantry, which is where I keep long-term storage stuff, I felt a string kind of warning feeling, and I ignored it and put the stuff onto a shelf, and I more or less knew when I did that it had caused something negative, but the feeling came in a split second, and I was still somewhat of the mindset back then to ignore things if they didn’t make sense.

So I don’t think the bottle was cursed or anything, or even had bad vibes, I think it was me having mixed emotions over it and then feeling I didn’t fundamentally want it that caused the problem. I ignored my intuition - big mistake.

It happens! :sunny:

Oh and I did end up keeping it for a while, I think about 6 weeks, so the intent wan’t to make me get rid of it or anything.