Public thanks

Just wanted to publicly thank King Paimon I said his Enn and asked to win a raffle… and I won :grimacing:


I like hearing stuff like this. Can you go into detail?

In a little bit

Alright so it wasn’t that big of a raffle but there was about 100 people involved the prize was a Mcds gift card.

so I was just there “i wonder what would happen.” So I started chanting KPs enn and now that I think about it I thought “Gremory help me” as well but right after about the 3rd time saying KPs Enn my number was called.

I want to publicly thanks my allies, they bring my girl back after a serious fight that led to a breakup
Agios o Belial
Hail to Asmoday
Hail to Lotir
Hail to Saspu
Hail Beelzebub

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I would like to publicly thank Marquise Orias for helping me get my pain meds (by the skin of my teeth) filled today, as the Dr forgot to sign the prescription and I and a receptionist (that ran to his office to catch him) just managed to catch him on his way to go home for the day and the pharmacy was closing soon. If that was you that facilitated that(I did pray to you), I thank you with all respect, gratitude, and adoration, Marquise Orias. Thank you, and I love and adore you!

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For future reference, this is the place for thanking spirits :slight_smile:
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Well done! What did you win?

@Anassa Oh, okay. Still learning my way around the sight. I saw “Public thanks” and figured this must be it, as I knew we had a thread for that. Now I know where to post such things, so thanks, Silent. I would have been in a world of hurt all yesterday and probably into about now before I could get a ride for the hour and a half trip there, time at the pharmacy, and then hour and a half trip back. I didn’t think I was gonna make it in time, so I closed my eyes, visualized his sigil, repeated his enn until it “felt right”, and said my prayer to Marquise Orias. I feel it was him that helped me because I have been making contact with him (setting time aside daily to speak to him, make offerings, ask for assistance, a connection, relationship, etc… and the office and pharmacy were closing soon, the Dr almost had left for the day, and traffic was full of idiots. We seemed to make every light, get around every slow driver, and generally beat the odds. So, while I’m here, thank you again, Marquise Orias. Hail Orias!

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