Public thanks to Marquis Cimejes

As you know, Cimejes (or Kimaris) appears as a powerful black man riding a horse, sometimes as a bedouine, sometimes without horse, the key aspect being a powerful African warrior. His specialties are discovering what is hidden, lost treasures, governing over all African spirits and making people into his image.

I tell you, friends, he is one of the most approachable, polite and kind spirits I’ve ever run across. He gave me a great boost of confidence when I was at my lowest.Simply put I whispered his name before going to sleep and I felt as if someone held watch over me as I drifted into slumber.

All became clear to me in the sense that I suddenly had great confidence and clarity regarding my skills. Woke up feeling I could take on the world, and the best part? Those negative thoughts that plagued me were gone as if they never were in the first place. I could write them down since I remember their content, but they do not hold me back now, they are as any random piece of information I would’ve memorized along my day such as a website domain or a telephone number.

Give him a shot, and pour him a beer on the ground or in a glass for his favor.


I petitioned him to help my friend with a situation at work, and he delivered within a week. I highly recommend Cimeries/Cimejes for help in commanding the respect of others.