Public Thanks To Mammon and Fehu

I would like to say a public Thank you to Mammon and Fehu. I am not the kind of person who does things by the book and so far that has been very profitable to me. I play online Blackjack and one slot game and I have came up with a Mantra summoning Mammon with no tools along with the rune Fehu (I air draw it on the screen and above the drink I am having and I say what I need). So far this month I have been able to pay some of my bills, buy groceries for the entire month for my house, buy a carpet and I phone 6(new). Since I have been winning with the help of Mammon for over two years I realised that spirits and Demons are always watching. They know that we need their help and even if we dont have the tools to do a proper ritual, if we speak from the heart and ask what we need they are gonna to deliver. I have also noticed that Mammon and Fehu have been giving me hunches on when and where to bet big so on Monday I started with 25 euros and I won 973 euros with their help! Hail Mammon!Hail Fehu!
My point is, you dont have to worry about doing the ritual to the T. Just focus on what you need and express it. Dont forget to thank the Spirits and the Demons publicly after you get your desires so others will learn about them! Hugs to all


Wow, that’s amazing. I need Mammon in my life


It’s a book we’re I saw the author mix demons and runes, then I consider if works good go for, you are the person who is a maverick in magick. Someone will say not way or cnt,don’t etc I try the same thing and work. Thanks for you post I trouh if rune works add a demon and who know,and yes it work.anout angels not sure.thsnks for you post


Τhank you Mammon for the much needed money you brought me. I am close to be out of dept thanks to You Mammon! Hail Mammon


Thank you Mammon for the money you brought me today

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Hail thou Gloryous Mammon your powers sure, radiate as of in and outside of our beings.Magnificent one of corruption greed and unfathomable power of control and wealth be sure, our praises for your dark glory is present in our ever evolving lifes. Your guidance and elevations upon our soul,spirit,mind and body are deeply apreciated.

Thank you for your help you give our brothers and sisters of magic and the dark side!

HAIL MAMMON!:love_you_gesture::zap::fire:
HAIL THE BLACK LODGE!:skull_and_crossbones::hole::black_heart:


Did you do a ritual?