Public thanks to Lucifuge Rofocale

The things that I asked of Lucifuge Rofocale were answered almost instantaneously. I remember people on the forum were asking if magic can affect the physical. One of the things I asked of him was height increase (I’m not 21 btw) and the results came a day later instantly. So magic can definitely affect the physical. Especially by Lucifuge Rofocale since he rules the physical. Thank you Lucifuge Rofocale


Bro im gonna be 18 this month end and i wanna increase my height badly im 5ft9 now. Please tell me how you worked with lucifuge rofocal to increase your height.

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It was a height increase by an inch but somehow I fell back down a bit and am slightly shorter. Not sure if what I did with him was an illusionary spell or if I just lost the height. Perhaps I fooled myself into thinking I was taller. My apologies man. However I can attest that he is a very powerful spirit and one you should work with. Just evoke him and talk with him. If you don’t know how to channel there should be other stuff in balg about it. Also your taller than me lol. 5ft 9 is not a bad height. I’m 5ft 6. So I’d definitely like to be your height lol. But it’s not the end of the world if we stay this height. I’ve gained a lot more power by working with these entities. Seek power, that is what gives us true edge over anyone. However I’ll let you know if anything comes up with me height related. Unless I forget.

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I was 5ft 5 before and grew to 5ft7 and sunk down to 5ft 6. So that is the exact measurements. The height gain was instanous so I can definitely say the height that I did gain I will attribute to him.