Public Thanks To Belial

The topic of simply evoking / invoking vs. Pact Making comes up from time to time. One of the differences in my opinion is the likelihood that the operation will work well as hoped.

I made a pact with Belial almost 8 weeks ago. It was not a small pact. It was detailed with a lot of points. It was basically a life overhaul with a lot of protection involved for my family and I. Admittedly - it took a while to be sure but there is very clear evidence that the work is…working and working well.

An issue at work that would affect nearly 900 people adversely has not been “put on hold” by a team of corporate lawyers.

And the tough one - problems with a very difficult teen son with EXTREME problems and zero motivation seemed not to be effected at all by the pact although it was a huge point in the pact. I was beginning to get depressed over that one. Then all of a sudden a little inner voice told me to take the printed paper Belial sigil that has basically been used in all my operations for 8 weeks and has absorbed a few ounces of my blood up into the attic of my house, turn the printed side face down and affix it to the wooden roof decking so the printed side faces out to the sky outside. I did that. Just to keep it from being noticed I took a ladder up and affixed it to a point close to the roof peak in a darkened area where even Shaq O’Neal could not reach it without a ladder.

Long story made short - Almost immediately my son turned into his old self again - someone none of us had seen in 3 years. Not only did he begin embracing his family again but he developed a NEW character facet he has never had before - AMBITION. He began telling us that after High School he wants to enlist in the military to get the free college benefits and he wants to begin investing in real estate. Of course that sounded like a flight of teenage fantasy at first but the kid actually began researching the topic on the internet and listening to real estate gurus who teach you how to finance such things effectively. My 16 year old perpetually depressed, vulgar and rude 16 year old turned into a wanabe Warren Buffett literally in the course of 48 hours.

Apparently putting the sigil in the attic was a test of my willingness to do it. We live in “Tornado Alley” as well as along the southern coast in a very hurricane prone area. It was my belief that the sigil on the underside of the roof was for “home protection” and I still suspect it is - but the changes in my son corresponded so perfectly with the action so I would wager the two actions are related somehow.

Frankly there were a lot of points on the pact to be dealt with. I requested the greater experience of a much more accomplished magician to help me successfully make the pact. I was surprised Belial accepted it as it was long and very involved. It looked like the Apple Terms of Services Agreement (LOL).

At any rate, I wanted to acknowledge Belial’s generosity and effective handling of a tough situation. I know what i owe him and I will keep my word.


So, he didn’t even read it? :laughing:

Just kidding, great work, love to you all and best wishes for your son, wow! :+1:

This is an awesome and complex example of the effect spirits can have and I am in awe of the results you have achieved, and wish you many more successes with this kind of work.

@Verdo - maybe one for the list? :smiley:


I’m very inspired by your dedication & knowledge. Thanks you.

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Im touched by yr testimony. It was brought to me yesterday when my 14yr old son disrespecful and wasnt for hours.
I was highly stressed so i simply chanted his enn with poor focus and desperation of home coming.
I found him late at home eating breakfast late at nite :slight_smile: