Public thanks to Belial

So here i want to thanks Belial for everything what he did for me. I want to thank for money when havent cash for live, food… usualy i have no luck in gambling games. But everytime when i needed money i was winning and i know belial was giveing me this.

Also i would like to thank the demon king Belial for the sign what he was giveing me in somewhere. He created a situation where police in car came really close to me and when they was close police did three short signals it was sign for me and thank you belial for that.

Thank you Belial for protection and for that you are with me and never left me. He was and still protecting me from people or enteties. One example of many. In UK is a old tower called marry below something like that. Long time ago people was hanging there witches or other peoples. Its haunted i went there with someone at night it wasnt ritual. When i came back to home and i wanted go to sleep i felt really strange like i knew something is not right danger. I was thinking about Belial then i fall a sleep really quick. Next night this feeling have gone nothing bad happened. I want to thank belial for protection.

I wanna thank belial for that he have came to me when i did my first ritual to him i have a photo of this ritual.

The red line its belial but you need to really focus on this there is few more enteties. It was very first ritual.

I want to thank belial for signs what he is giveing me even if i didnt opened my 3 eye i can see signs somethimes or pay attention on my dreams or in reality thank you belial.

For me Belial is the best king ever.

Saluto te immortalis potentissimus rex belial. Gloria tibi belial Ave belial hail belial.