Public ritual to call Lucifer in Switzerland

[url=]Tunnel -Gotthard Base-Opening-Switzerland;World Longest Tunnel! - YouTube

What are your thoughts on this?

Sound Like Christian are Again on a Bad Trip…

Sorry I meant what are your thoughts on the ritualistic dance, not the commentators. The video was probably a bad choice.

It’s was an awesome celebration/show to watch, artistically very descriptive, expressive and theatrical, mixing contemporary dance with pagan elements and local folklore (i found the story with the Devil,the bridge and how humans deceived him very interesting).

As for the Christian comments, they have the same impact to me as my dog’s farts have. I can’t stand the disgusting putrid stench and i dislike him when he decides to let one go in an enclosed area with no consideration for others present, but i do realize that he doesn’t know any better and certainly the fart dissipates in seconds leaving me no reason to dwell on it for long.

It was a grand spectacle. Sort of like Cirque de Soleil with a side order of deviled eggs. Would have loved to have been there to witness it personally.

Cool European pagan show unsurprisingly went right over the American commentator’s head and I notice the illuminati conspiracy theory wackos and paranoid christians are out in full force about it on youtube. More of this please Europe and let’s start sweeping the muslims off the continent while we’re at it.

Not being a stage loving entertainment dance type, i say it is ok for a yawner. but on a Brighternote- if it pisses off or freaks the jebuz crowd-- more- much more please!!!

[quote=“MSXY, post:1, topic:7982”][url=]Tunnel -Gotthard Base-Opening-Switzerland;World Longest Tunnel! - YouTube

What are your thoughts on this?[/quote]

I think Cern practices magick along with their experiments. The town the LHC is located was called Apolliacum in ancient times and it was a temple dedicated to Apollyon the destroyer (or abaddon). At the Front entrance of Cern HQ is a statue of shiva (also the destroyer). The structure of the collider itself was already realized before in alchemical books and depicted to be the gateway to another realm.(perhaps the inferno empire) Anyways, Switzerland seems like a very interesting and spiritual place that I’d like to visit someday.


I also like to point out that this ritual is more likely tributed to Apolloyon who is the monarch in the lower shadow of tiphereth on the kabalistic tree. Tiphereth is governed by the Sun(apollo) and Venus(Aphrodite). We see in this Ritual many symbolism. The Egyptian beatles can symbolize the sun and the very sexualized dancers are attributed to Aphrodite.

Apollyon(or Abaddon) is associated with the reincarnation of Christ like Shiva is associated with the death of the eqo and awakening of the consciousnesses. But yea, this is just my interpretation of this ritual.