Pt. 1 sigil scrification pt 2 Universal Cirlce question

In trying to find my Guardian Demon, as well as other demons or entities I wish a close relationship with (as close as possible) I have pondered tattooing their sigils wherever they would be most useful or appropriate. But I was looking at some sigils and wondered, would it be ok to brand them and scarify them?

I am also wanting to tattoo spells or evokations or Powerful Occult words, where could I go to find data on all this?

Part 2 Would it be blasphemously inappropriate to have the Universal Circle tattooed around my waste, kinda like a Belt? (I know, I have weird thoughts- the other thoughts are kind boring)


Watch yourself with tattoos, you might wish you never got it. Don’t forget a tattoo of a certain spirit or energy effectively opens a constant unceasing flow of that energy into your life. No banishing that shit if you change your mind.

I almost got a tattoo of Lucifer’s Sigil. I was set on this, for about 2 weeks then I realized that I did not want Lucifer’s influence in EVERY aspect of my life.
Not trying to dissuade you, if you find a spirit that you want with you at ALL times more power to you.

It may seem like a good idea to tattoo the sigil of a guardian demon on you, once you find a guardian demon/patron; but , even though you are working with that demon now, you may not be forever. Demon’s tend to work with you as long as they feel you need them to and then you will find that they will steer you toward another for the next phase of your ascent. I worked with Azazel for a long time, but then he started to back off and push me in the direction of others.

Significant symbols I have tattooed on my body, but sigils of specific entities I don’t.

This guy. I worked with Astaroth for a month and a half, then he steered me to Azazel.

That all being said, NOTHING says awesome as getting a tattoo of Baphomet on your bicep :slight_smile: