Ave all. I have a question for you all. Has anyone here used a psychomanteum/black mirror? And if so what was your experience.

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I tried one a few years ago after making it. I was trying to contact a god of the dead and I saw a skull in it. It was pretty hard. But practice with divination and scrying probably would make a better session if I were to try it again.

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You can also do a black mirror spell. I scryed in a black mirror before moving up to a psychomanteum. Meditation helped as well.

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Is a there a difference between a psychomanteum and a black mirror?

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Yes. A Psychomanteum is in a room for the purpose of scrying. A black mirror can be small enough to be portable to take with you anywhere.

It sounds like a ritual temple would fit this description as that is one of the practices in the temple.

The only difference i could find is a scrying mirror specifically set up for contacting the dead, so one geared more toward necromancy than anything else.


My Psychomanteum is in My Astral Temple. It is a separate room than the rest of my Temple. One might have it on a specific wall in their Temple, its a matter of choice. Moody had a separate room ie chamber.