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Psychology: That Old Black Magick

The apple never falls far from the tree and psychology has its root in the same soil as Magick. The Black and White Mirror is a tried and true device both of psychology and the initiatory path. The mirror can be as simple as a piece of paper with a vertical line down the middle. On the right-hand side are your strengths. On the left-hand side your weaknesses. Everybody should have more weaknesses than strengths or alternatively they need help of a kind I am not qualified to offer. I remember a young Magician who filled up his weaknesses side with about fifty (50) different negatives but only one strength – which was ‘Honesty’.

The Black and White Mirror is a device to allow serious analysis and concentration whereby you can find strengths and weaknesses you have never really appreciated before. Once constructed the Black and White Mirror effectively allows the magician to use the fire of Will to burn away the weak and temper the strong. It allows you to decide what you wish to become from your fragmentary self, for a unified self can command more power in the multiverse than an individual who is constructed from whatever they have managed to pick up along life’s journey.

It must never be forgotten that enlightenment is an expansion of consciousness, a change in the levels of functionality that leads to a new level of awareness. Your authority – Magickal or commonplace – must be earned, not conferred. In this, the Black and White Mirror is the tool to use repeatedly.

Decide how you can best re-integrate yourself. If you cannot get out of bed in the morning make that your first goal and invest in an alarm clock. If you lack friends and confidence take an oath before the Dark Lord to talk to three (3) strangers everyday, even if it just to say ‘Hello’ or ask for directions you do not need. If you need a job pray to the Dark Forces and/or pray to yourself and start directing the multiverse by your own inquiries.

This task of creating a Black and White Mirror is easier than using it to gain the power, knowledge and pleasure it will give, but by meditating upon it regularly and recording progress in your Magickal Diary you will have begun the momentous task of re-entering the world as a stronger, braver and more focused individual – try to put a monetary value on that!

As you progress it is important to be inspired by other successful people for the might of Satan is manifest in the confidence, glamour and strength of others. By finding strength through joy you will discover what you love within yourself and exalt it and how to transform your weaknesses into dark strengths.

Many lesser magicians are seduced by sorcery. They develop some ability in the Magickal Arts and spend the rest of their lives using it to gain little things, like exciting sexual relationships, a sports car and the money required to wear designer clothing. In and of itself, this is not bad. The true magician uses Magick for the hardest task in the multiverse: changing themselves, because when you are a successful, confident and glamorous individual everything you want will come to you – one way or another!

With pen and paper to hand undertake the following exercise:

  1. Describe your Ideal Self.
  2. Describe your Present Self.
  3. The interferences you perceive in achieving your Ideal Self.
  4. The actions and inactions which need to be implemented to become your Ideal Self.
  5. Augment the Mirror with the Tarot.

Active Taro

The cards represent energies, inter alia. If You can find a deck that you wish to work with as talisman then go for it. Even an inexpensive, lightly used second-hand deck could be used.

I don’t use plastic. For me plastic just doesn’t allow the energy to pass through. Maybe you will be different in that regard. Anyway, take the second-hand cards from their box, wrap in aluminium foil and bury for at least twenty-four hours in your backyard, park or similar. Doesn’t work if the soil is contained, as in a flower pot or window-box. Unearth and charge by way of dedication and sacrifice - the setting apart and thereby making sacred.

As the cards represent energies you can tailor-make the energies you wish in your life by selecting a card or cards and placing these between those cheap picture frames made of two pieces of flat glass (or plastic if you can work with it) and help together by metal clips. There are various sizes. Then charge your Taro talisman by whatever method you use. When finished with the operation just dismantle frame, store cards and create another Taro talisman.

DON’T use the cards you divine with as talisman. If you do you’ll screw up their energies. You’ll start picking cards not because you were meant to but because these cards were charged.

The deck to use is one with the requisite symbolism which when charged will attach the energy or energies sought. Lee Bursten’s & Antonella Platano’s ‘Gay Tarot’ doesn’t cut it for me. Maybe if I were gay it’d be a different story. ‘The Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot’ is also pretty bad – as is the ‘Granny Jones Australian Tarot’. What these decks lack is the symbolism required to attract energies – whether from the deep subconscious or externally.

The other element is that you must have a feeling for, an affinity with the art and symbolism of the deck you’re using. The Golden Dawn gave birth to the Rider-Waite and Thoth decks. Two different decks: similar energies. These designs have stood the test of time. Nonetheless, if you don’t like the a particular deck it’ll be next to impossible for you to use that deck as talisman. No connection.

A number of Magicians use runes to divine and to create Magick via rune-binds and carved rune script. A number of left-hand path groups employ runes both passively and actively.
Hardly anyone uses Taro as active Magick. Why is that?

Dear Diary…

The practitioner of the Left-Hand path is an individualist, fully aware that what works for others may not work for him or her. The most valuable book for the serious Magician is the one they write themselves and as even a blunt pencil beats a sharp mind every time, you are going to need a Magical Diary. A Magical Diary is the book a Magician uses to record times, dates, conditions and circumstances of Magickal operations and the results thereof. Hardback ruled page books are easily to obtain and inexpensive to purchase.

A Magickal Diary can be used to record – amongst other things – the following aspects of Magickal operations: time, date, weather conditions, Moon phases, length of the operation, those involved and any manifestations during or subsequent to the operation.

Your Magickal Diary will become your most valuable Magickal book, recording as it will the reasons for your successes and failures, your abilities and weaknesses, the accuracy of your divinations, your relationships with systems of pre-cognition, what works for you and why.

Your Magickal Diary is a personal journal. As such, a system of coding and short-hand referencing will develop. This is to be expected and should your Magickal Diary fall into the wrong hands, will keep non-initiates from discovering what you are doing while allowing other practitioners the ability to decipher your progress and workings.

A well kept Magickal Diary allows for the apprehension of the dao de jing, however this takes most adepts many years – sometimes life times – to appreciate. At first there will be a real perception of the importance of timing. If the butterfly is killed while a pupa there will be no cyclone halfway around the World.

The Holy and Mystical Doctrine
Or How to Achieve Divinity in the Bathroom.
Regurgitation upon Toilet Training

If you are a heterosexual male – using the right hand, extend the first two fingers, retract the third finger and extend the little finger. The Thumb is sticking up. When you know how to use this Magickal tool you will be holding one of the mysteries of the Multiverse in your hand!
I know that I hung on the wind tossed tree all of nights nine!
The Eye of Hoor is one of the gates and leads to the dark path of enlightenment.
The Snake can be awakened, the Rood being bedaubed.
None offered me bread
Caviar stains the teeth. Mandarin-meals are best.
Or handed me wine!
Of the Golden wine much has been written. Few drink long, deep and full of the nectar from this nourishing Rose wherein dwells blood and iron.
Spittle can avail, if hard sucked from the nose and deposited in another’s throat.

Wounded by spear, bespoken myself to Myself!
Cruel fingers lacquered in lust bring forth the tears that lead to understanding as wet-look lips and tongue sup the watery, lukewarm, fish porridge.

I looked below me, aloud I cried, caught the runes; caught them up wailing!
Inscrutable eyes, misperceived mercies, whips, zips, alligator-clips and desperate pleas arise as invocations.

Let him drink of the sacrament and let him communicate the same. This is the Holy Hexagram.
Thence to the earth fell again!

And in as much as I meet the blood-engorged challenge
I believe in the resurrection!

                                    Hail Myself That I Seek To Be

Old Uncle Al.


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