Psychological stability with gnomes?

Can you achieve maximum psychological stability by working with gnomes?

Also, have you worked with elementals and if so, in which way did it benefit you?

Gnomes are mischievous, treat them good theyll be sensible — do otherwise they’ll fuck you and your stuff up. I don’t know the correlation with psychological stability But it must be with gnomes being appointed to north which is earth and grounding I suppose but have not worked with these elementals. (Gnomes)




Ironic. Outside occult groups, if you were to be seeing and speaking with Gnomes, you’d have been considered to have reached the bottom of psychological stability.

On that note, I don’t know about Gnomes, but I’ve heard working with the 7 Olympic Spirits can make you very Psychologically stable and well-rounded


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Yes. Working with the elemental king of Earth, Ghob, can teach you to ground, and remain stable mentally, and emotionally, in even the most trying of circumstances.

He is described as king of the gnomes, but he appears more like a dwarf. He’s strong, grizzled, and no nonsense. Think more Gimli from Lord of the Rings, and less a small chubby elf.


Honestly, as a child i use to be terrified of gnomes, i believe they would come alive at night and eat my skin… They were the bad tricksters, and I would have nightmares of them lying to me about food, or fun, but they were always bad. It became so bad that id go out of my way to break garden gnomes as a kid and teen.

Where did you get this info?

Any good book about gnomes or elementals?

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I got the information by calling on Ghob lol

Ghob is usually evoked for money magick, but his powers have many other uses, especially when paired with the other three elements.

In Evoking Eternity, EA says it is more appropriate to call them warlords than kings, and he provides a pathworking that starts with Fire, and ends with Earth, in which you are to ask the kings to teach you full mastery of their elements.

As for books, they come from Agrippa’s work, and their correspondences were fleshed out more by the Golden Dawn, but information on them can be found in practically any book on elemental magick. There are prayers easily found on the interwebs to invoke them.

Here is the one for Ghob:

Prayer to the Gnomes:

Invisible King who has taken the earth as a support, and who has dug abysses in order to fill them with the omnipotence! Thou whose name makest the arches of the world tremble! Thou who makest the seven metals circulate in the veins of stone; Monarch of seven luminaries! Rewarder of subterranean workmen! bring us to the desirable air and to the kingdom of light. We watch and work without respite. We seek and hope by the twelve stones of the Holy City, for the talismans which are buried by the magnetic nail which passes through the centre of the earth. Lord! Lord! Lord! Have pity upon those who suffer! Enlarge our hearts! Let us be free and raise up our heads! Exalt us! O stability and movement! O Day invested by night! O Darkness veiled in light! O Master who never retainest the wages of thy workmen! O silvery whiteness! O Golden Splendour! O Crown of Diamonds,living and melodious! Thou who bearest the sky upon thy finger, like a ring of sapphire! Thou who hidest under the earth, in the kingdom of gems, the wonderful seed of stars! All hail! Reign; and be the Eternal Dispenser of riches, of which thou hast made us the guardians. Amen.

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Earth element entities (say that 5 times fast) in general can be called upon to aid in grounding and stability. So long as you treat them right, gnomes are no exception.

How do you treat them right or wrong? Do you have to do any offerings? What if I live In the city, in an apartment, can i still connect with them?

Yes, you can still connect with them in a city. I would recommend going to a park though, where you can actually touch the ground, unless you have a rooftop garden or something that you can bury your hands in. While you can still make contact on the top floor of an apartment building, direct contact with the Earth is always best.

A very simple offering is to bury a coin in the Earth, and speak a small prayer, asking for Ghob’s aid.

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Dude you’re amazing! Thank you very much :pray: I owe you one!

I will be posting my breakthroughs with the gnomes, cause I believe the key of magick starts with elementals, fare well!

If anybody knows any more info, please share it too!