Psychoactive ingredients

so, ill keep this one short and sweet. i know ive been posting alot for just arriving here, but i feel like this is an understanding place. thank you all for that. anyway to get right down to the point, ill let it be known that i tend to smoke marijuana every once in a while. now my question to anyone that cares to answer, is this:

is it erm, okay or appropriate to smoke weed, or use drugs to any extent while working rituals? would smoking it actually make it easier to achieve tgs state? basically, would any mind altering substance make it easier or harder to achieve that trance state? obviously, if anything just weed or “depressants” i wouldnt think something that makes you “up” would help too much in a ritual case. but anyway, as always thanks for the opinions!!

Cocaine works fine for me as long as its moderated dosage. I like Weed for mental/soul travel and mystical experiences when its purely about being carried in the flow, but when it comes to impose my will in a magical work it’ll will only muddle things. You have to find what works best for you and when.

There’s two things two consider when using tools like drugs. The first is like Diazin says, many drugs will help you lose some boundaries and limitations but also tend to weaken your focus, making it a double edged sword for magickal work with the intent of creating change (they are better suited for exploration imo). The second is the inherent vibration a drug creates inside you, when I used DMT for example I would make tremendous journeys and would converse with my higher self about all manner of things that are infinite and timeless, it was however in that state literally near impossible to actually give a shit about my physical incarnation. I sat at the table and had all the ability to say “this needs to change” but it was such a vague memory of a life that I couldn’t care. Pretty nasty to come back to “earth” knowing you had the power but not the will.

At the end of the day I feel drugs are totally fine but you’ll always end up being forced to learn to work without them in time, depending on how deep you’ve integrated the tool into your work this will be easy or very difficult.

for me well ive been smoking marijuana for a long time, and it relaxes me to the point where i feel like i sometimes slip into theta involuntarily, but i can also be coherent and productive. my memory works fine and i still have the will to do it. thanks for the opinions and suggestions, i was just worried that smoking it while doing ritual work would have the possibility of lowering the stability and control of ones mind enough to make the ritual unravel in fear at sights of entities or just utter shock. ive completely rituals and got results before, i just havent came into the point where the spirit is in full manifestation in front of me, and i have yet to learn astral travel, so that would be new to me and i didnt want my mind state to make it an unpleasant journey, thanks for you opinions tho

Imo, perception bending substances are best used to journey into other worlds. Like, I use Belladonna ointment to travel to the Sabbat. And in the coming months I’ll hopefully have enough henbane to craft my own.
Anyway, I don’t use marijuana or any other drug, except for Belladonna. The spirit of the plant is more aligned with my purpose.
Various types of plants with psychoactive properties have long been found in graves of “shamans” and in other sacred sites. I’ve even heard that the Oracle of Delphi inhaled the fumes of burning henbane in order to speak prophecies.

Also, marijuana is far more than just weed…in the same way vodka is not whiskey even though both are hard alcohol. There are a bazillion cannabis strains, all of which can have varying effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems, cognition, mood, etc. Sativas and Indicas are quite different from each other (anxiety relief vs. pain relief; body high vs. head high…that sort of thing), then you have the hybrid varieties with varying amounts of THC as well as CBD. Some will enhance the transition to theta/gamma sync while others can impair it. And since our endocannabinoid system parallels a lot of endocrine (hormonal) function, I have found that getting into a proper trance where I have 100% control of the experience is just not possible for me with any strain. It mimics the trance feeling at the cost of sapping the Will. Now that I no longer use it, states of ectasy are possible (natural hormone interraction here) and I get to direct the experience instead of floating merrily along if that makes sense. Astral travel was an impossibility and so was evocation.

Of course, I have grand plans of one day growing cannabis to study precisely the different effects for my personal edification, but for now I’ve decided that since I don’t have exact control and have to rely on the dispensary farmers, I can’t predict outcomes… so I’m laying off because this evocation and astral travel shit is waaaay more fun than smoking or vaping a bowl. Besides I’ve already cured me, so marijuana is now a luxury instead of a necessity.

Anywho, it seems that if certain aspects of ascension are oddly out of reach, it would be wise to keep track of your sources and strains so you remain cognizant of each step of your development. Everyone’s unique after all. :slight_smile: I suggest perusing if you are curious. Its a marvelous database of weedy joy.