For those of you who have psychic abilities that don’t require divination tools (in other words, you can just “know” things about people): would you be able to perform accurate readings without your eyesite nor the ability to hear voice inflections of the people?

I’ve performed accurate readings on people just from forum posts, but I usually have to be highly motivated (aka find them attractive) and that means I can’t read women worth a damn, and I can’t just switch it on or off.

I suppose you can classify that as eyesight but I was guessing you meant not being able to see the person. I’m damned accurate if I can see a photo or some video footage, scarily so sometimes.

Back when I was heavily into this, I’ve healed people from JUST a screenname and a link via their posts, I’m not so much in that current now (dynamism is all!) but on occasion I ID’d a problem that person hadn;t even shared and which happened in childhood, so for things like this I do personally accept them as “proof” this stuff is real, and not an elaborate mind-game.

I can’t speak for other people but I try to be reasonably grounded, so my “proof files” have enough things like this in that I finally had to accept it was ALL real… :wink:

Thanks for your sharing your experience Lady Eva. So in your judgement you aren’t just just subconsciously processing their body language and other visual cues?

only if I can get into the zone, in regular conciousness not usually though. But yeah when I’m in the zone I can do some pretty crazy stuff. I’ve seen other people like my occult teacher do it more precisely then me, when we get into the zone I can even talk to him with my mind, like I would telepathically ask him if he needed a ride the next day and he told me he’d let me know tommarow.

Yes, and definitely so with the healing: I once identified, for example, a series of operations someone had as a child and hadn’t mentioned, but when I astral-travelled to them to do healing I saw the information very clearly.

Things like that, early on, got filed away in my own “proof folder”! I can’t think of any way I could have known about these ops because they had nothing to do with the problem the person had at the time, and no-one I know had anything the same that would kind of make me think of it.

I’ve also had information about the future that’s incredibly accurate and defies probability and my own best guesses about what would happen, things like that are in my mental file as well.

So I know i’ve only taken a month off from magick; but I think I’m going to start giving it a try again.

Only to an extent. Psychism is something that happens with me naturally but only when it feels like it, I can’t just turn it on or off whenever I want. And I get nervous trying to predict things for other people because I never know for sure if my own feelings are conflicting what I pick up on, like biased opinions about them or things about my own life that I need to fix but am in denial over are being mixed into the picture, so I usually don’t try to purposefully turn on the abilities for other people.

Also, our actions or lack there of, can change a person’s immediate future so one minute someone could be ready to get a job promotion but makes an unexpected stupid decision that I did not forsee which prevents it from happening so if I predict someone getting a job soon that they’ve been wanting I simply don’t tell them. I could tell them and they could go and do something stupid like posting pics of themself on facebook vandalizing a building and their new would-be boss sees it and decides not to hire them at the last minute.

They would not see their stupid actions as the reason for their failures, instead they would blame me for giving an inaccurate prediction which would only serve to make yet another person think those who believe in magick, are delusional. So I have never felt comfortable relaying any info I pick up on to other people. I’m sure I could perfect it I if I practice but I really just have no desire to help others by being their psychic messenger, some people become too needy of you when it turns out that all of your predictions for them were indeed accurate.

But just today I saw my neighbors cat on the roof and thought, that cat is going to fall I just know it. Not 2 minutes later another cat jumped on the roof roof, charged at her, and she fell right off there. Landed on her side. The neighbor didn’t even check on her. As usual, I was the only one concerned with the cat since everyone seems to think that people always come before animals.

RavensAscent, it is very apparent to me that you have a high IQ. Would you say that the info you receive on situations cannot be chalked up to that? For example, the cat: based on your real life experience of observing the physics of animal behavior, maybe your accurate prediction could just be a subconscious conclusion of that? Or , like Lady Eva. Does it go beyond the probability of that?

Dear jboy,

I agree with RavenAscent, that people’s future can be changed imidiently by getting told about what is going on in their future, and it tends to allow them bad backlashes on you.

My dad and i have a saying for this:
Put on your blinkers.
(hope my translations is understandable, it means the black fields that force tunnel vision onto horses, to cut out anything that distract’s them while riding)

He teached me from childhood on, that most people can’t handle the truth, especially when they are told about it.

I’ve learned the hard way that he is absolutly right with it, as i learned to see and feel my own blockages inside my psyche.

Now what i get from your Post’s on this topic, you kinda wanna know if it’s doable, to take information out of something that seems out of reach.

Short answer: Yes, it is possible. There is non-physical Links towards anything, and just your intend, your interest is enove to create such a link.

I learned for my self - being interested into something natrually creates a focus. it can tunnel you into that thing, a little like reverted channeling.
Not getting a spirit talking through you, but your energy and mind floating in, and through the obstacle.

However, i had moment’s where i sat into a coffee, talked towards a close familiar about psychic reading, and just that made people come up “Hey, do reading for me!” - Now there was one afternoon, where i had 2 people sitting in front of me, One being exactly 2 years away from a definate death or complete loss of health, the other one beig 5-10 years past the expected point of dying.

Now being a 14 year old child, i tried to warn the guy who had 2 years left to go, and he showed me due to his reactions he wasn’t able to handle!
He forced his religiouus belives on me and told me how he want’s to die as a fighter, going into walhalla, etc. (He was a Trucker, drinking his wheat bear, his arm tatooed with a hammer)
He tryed to force me to tell him what he wanted to hear, and i did. just to get him off of me.
My dad and me later exactly turned his comming death onto Heart attack or accident with his Truck.

The other one, an old Lady about 75-85 years old, sitting in front of me and her and her daughter asking for how long she’s gonna live on.
Guess how that day felt.

I’m bringing this up, becouse i want to show the effect and impact those knowledge haves onto persons, and situations.

I also wan’t you to know, that those abillity’s usualy can’t be turned like a switch.
It takes a little time to get into the connection, to be able to pick up knowledge. It then takes time to find accurate detail wich you seurch for. As well as it takes time to get back out of it.
With pratice you become much more controled, and secure, so that time shortens. But for training, expect that the psychic side of you will show up for a while, and will show you things you didn’t intend, nor expect to see.

The most hidden secrets are the most obvious. May be shoking when those are reaveled right in front of you.

So for training yourself on it, take your time, and keep it seperate from logical work (like calculations in daily job).

At least that’s my thought on it.

If it challanges someone to go die-hard into it, I’d be fascinated to hear his story. :smiley:

Best Regards,


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Possibly. I do play a lot of Nancy Drew games, I have a huge collection of them and although they are only games, they are very difficult because they require a lot of strategy and puzzle solving, and you’d be surprised how much I have learned from those games. Not only does each game have real life lessons on history, alchemy or science but I have picked up a lot of techniques for investigating which have actually saved my butt a time or two. So I have always been naturally drawn to figuring out things and putting together clues and puzzles and yes I am very observative and can easily point out predictable patterns, which is why I no longer enjoy movies because I always know what’s going to happen :frowning:

However, there have been many times when I had a stream of thoughts that did not seem like my own for a situation that I couldn’t have possibly predicted, something that’s never happened before that would have no predictable pattern for me to seek out or situations that always end badly for everyone and I somehow just knew the universe would strangely turn it around to work in my favor.

Normally my parents are strict and ever since I turned a certain age they reached the point where they make me pay them back for everything. Even if I need to borrow $10 because I want to buy something but didn’t bring enough cash, they will bug me to hurry up and withdraw the $10 to pay them back. They expect me to do everything on my own which is fine by me, I love my independence, but they never help me out unless my little girl needs something, so I am used to just sucking it up and doing everything on my own.

The other day I got a feeling my dad was going to make a sacrifice for me so I could hurry up and get my house built quicker, since me and my mom are at each other’s throats constantly and if I don’t get out of here by next spring, I’m going to flip on someone! Then the idea popped in my mind, my dad is going to sell a few of his male cows next spring and give me the money for my house to help this go faster. I immediately thought afterward, Psshht yeah right, like that will ever happen but it can’t hurt to dream. Even though I would pay them back they would never make a sacrifice that actually helped me unless it was for my daughter’s well being.

Then WTF? 2 days later he sits me down and says I am going to sell a few of my cows for you and give you the money. You have enough money to build the house however, by next spring you will still be short on the money for the electrical wiring and appliances since you will have to pay $2,500 for a septic tank and I want you to move in quickly because I know you need your space before you and your mom kill each other. I’ll be damned.

Of course I have to pay it back which is fine with me, I’d rather be in debt to my father than to a pesty loan company! And selling a few cows will not hurt his farm, he does this every year anyway, he sells any excess males that he doesn’t need for impregnating the females or for food. But that is not something I ever would predict by circumstance or past events, because stuff like that just doesn’t happen to me with my parents. I’ve been on my own since I was 18 and my dad has always pushed me to work for things the hard way, to show me that the world is cruel and to instill upon me the importance of not relying on anyone else to take care of me, so him doing this for me is very strange because normally he would say, oh well, you can just save up for another year until you can buy the appliances yourself.

That’s exactly what i mean. Having an outcome for yourself, totally fine.
Going around telling people oh, ya this is going to happen - from my expirience a bad idea.

Thank you, RavensAscent.

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It just happened again and I’m not sure if I accidentally predicted the future or if thinking this stuff is actually drawing it to me.

Earlier today I was taking a shower and began laughing as I started to recall a memory that me and my similar aged niece shared when we were little. There was this elementary school teacher named Mrs. Kim Sizemore and she literally weighed 440 pounds so me and my niece, being insensitive and slender children, would always say “Mrs. Sizemore has more size than anyone else in this entire school”. I found myself laughing over that memory for a good 5 minutes then, about 4 hours later a customer orders a pair of earrings from me and her last name just happens to be Kimberly Sizemore.

Like, did I accidentally predict that another Kim Sizemore was going to order from me and it came in the form of a memory instead of a traditional prediction, or did thinking about the original Mrs. Sizemore accidentally attract another Kim Sizemore to my store? And oddly enough, as I finish typing this my niece, the same one that shared this joke with me just pulled into our driveway unexpectedly.

I kinda had a similar experience the other day in mentioning here in the forums about my openly gay lieutenant with psychic abilities who hated women and I was upset by this cuz I thought we could be friends, shortly afterward he sent me a friend request on facebook… I thought to myself… wow were your ears burning?

These things happen all the time, except I find it more than hard to control them.

Examples: Out of nowhere I suddenly find myself thinking about a person - and only minutes later I recieve a SMS or email from that person. Or I suddenly think of someone who’s living at the opposite side of the continent, send her a SMS and it turns out she was just thinking of me.

Or sometimes it goes like this: I was at home, suddenly the thought popped up in my mind that my favorite barista might be at work that day (I really fancy this particular barista, because she’s so damned hot!). So I put on my cleanest dirty shirt, walked to the coffeeshop - and guess who was on the job on the job that day?

Or at work (I’m tending machines) and I ‘feel’ a technical fuckup 5-10 seconds before it actually manifests itself into physical reality.

There was also that time years ago, when suddenly I woke up in the middle of the night with a vision of having sex with my favorite girl and so I immediately sent her a SMS. Now, that left me wondering because she was sending the weekend at a music festival here in Denmark. Later it turned out that… well, guess what her and some random guy was doing in her tent? Yup, you guessed it.

These things are normal. The trick is learning to recognize them and to trust them.

Are you trying to determine if the reader is responding to body language and tone of voice subconsciously? Its possible many psychics are supplementing the reading with such things and some intentionally, to make themselves look more supernatural.

But the main thing about receiving psychic information is it’s an additional sensory device that is built into the nervous system that allows the subject to receive signals from the nervous system from reacting to changes in the biophysical electromagnetic field that is generated by the electrical impulses in the nervous system it’s self.

The quantum information matrix is storage of information based upon atomic position of particles at a moment in motion or time. It’s like 15 seconds ago your head was tilted to the left and this series of electrical impulses was running through your brain to generate a thought and every quantum position was recorded in time, even the thought it’s self.

The advanced and evolved creature that the human is has the ability to tap its biophysical electromagnetic field into the quantum information matrix and retrieve information. the same way birds navigate and hammerhead sharks and octopus detect prey under the sand.

This is much more well elaborated on in the CIA Remote Viewing training manual which since its been declassified in the late 90’s is all over the internet for free pdf download these days. You will find all your answers there and there’s all kinds of literature that covers those topics in relation to the CIA remote viewing training manual.

It’s as Francis Bacon says "some things are secret because they are hard to know other things are secret because they are not fit to utter.