Psychic Vampirism using a Linking Sigil

I’ve been working with Lilith and she has instructed me to create my own Linking sigil. Done!

She told me to put it in a rehearsal room. This room has up to 40 ppl at a time practicing piano, cello, ballet etc. Done!

She told me to put the main sigil on my shrine / alter to power my crystals. Done!

She told me the energy from the rehearsal rooms can be used to power my Money Crystal Grids / shrine.

Great. Fantastic.
But, how? What do I do now? Do I have to collect the energy from my sigil? Do I open it and empty out the energy when I need to use it?

So far I’ve placed the sigil on my crystals, but I’m not sure if that’s enough.

Should I call on tthose linking sigils whenever I need the energy, do I visualise them sucking in energy or do u think its working on autopilot.

Thanks in advance.

And all hail Lillith!!! She sent me here :joy:

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