Psychic vampire

Back story, my girlfriend and I had moved in with this woman who wound up being a very manipulative vampire, engineering two break ups and various drama in our lives. Sound paranoid? She admits to this behavior. Having been a magician for twenty years with extensive training in psychic defense and how to recognize the signs, I saw what would happen when we first encountered this woman but we were in a bad way and desperate so I went along with what my gf wanted. I lived there less than a month in total. We had two severe break ups brought on by this manipulation and once I was out the last time this woman assaulted my gf psychically with text messages and once I can,e back, kicked her and her five year old daughter out while letting the 20 year old son stay as a power play. Since leaving to come stay with me the woman has gotten worse. Harassing texts about stuff she told my gf she could store there until we found a bigger place, threats to kick her son out. Each message has subtle manipulation cues in it that psychically tear down my gf, phrases like ‘I love you but’ and then some poisonous comments condemning my gf as a bad mother. The tragedy of this is the woman has a son with asperger’s syndrome and she sleeps all day, abuses him verbally when she’s awake with yelling and screaming, calling him names and demanding food from him.

I want this woman to suffer. I want nightmares, losing her visitation, etc. What I posted is the tip of the iceberg. Tips? Advice? I haven’t done something like this since the mid 90s but I want to take back the power from this cunt.

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As a first step to give you some breathing space why not employ the sixth pentacle of Mars. Once her attacks begin to be deflected or that you notice that she starts to have her own weapons turned against her and you gain a little more power over the situation then you may be in a better position to make a more offensive move. Hope that helps as a suggestion.

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Call child services and report her abuse of her son and then put her in a mirror box and bury it in a graveyard, let the dead hold her down and give yourself breathing room.

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Vamp some death essence from her. Astrally.

Using that death essence, set up some psionic landmines around her. I’ll point you to the House of Cards sigil that’s floating around. In conjunction, these will start tearing her down.

Cast a binding and a freeze on her. Arson is also good to employ, should the situation demand it.

Invoke the Earth to guard you. Transfer the qualities of bloodlessness (so she can’t vamp back) and hardness to yourself.

You wanna make her suffer? Look up Neeros. Send your spare time building a servitor army, building it from the energy she gives off. Have them rip her defenses apart and continue to leech from her.

Use Uncle Chuckie’s methods. His psionics can get child services and police on her case, too.

Enlist the help of an egregore. Namely for defense- you’ll want a powerful spirit warrior around to deflect her energy from you.

If all else fails, post a picture of her here. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’d gladly help you tear her apart. After all, we’re all on the same side here.