Psychic Short Circuitry

I want to tell you a little story here about a kind of ‘glitch’ I have experienced at certain periods. Lets say that I’m working with various spirits from a certain era (or even grimoire if you like) and I obtained my requests through these spirits and then I abandon these in favour of something completely different.

Now because I have changed to different spiritual beings, or gone in a somewhat different direction I tend to start seeing flaws in the gains, which I have received from the previous pantheon! This however only seems to affect the recent physical results and not the distance results that I got from older rituals. I also still tend to be able to make use of any knowledge obtained through the previous demons or spirits I was using.

This phenomena has occurred twice in my magical journey, its like a kind of ‘psychic short circuit’ that appears whenever I jump ship? You could also say that I have broken that line of belief I set up so the end results are also starting to crumble now. I get the impression that I have acted in an ungrateful manner and the spirits have seen this as an act of disrespect…….so they have cancelled their help.

Anton Levey said something that ran pretty close to the nature of this in the ‘Satanic Bible’ years ago. He said that if you should ever disbelief the power of magic after using it, then you would lose everything you have gained through it.

Has anyone else here on BALG experienced something similar to this, or is it just my overactive imagination making this happen due to the loyalty I exercise in my own relationships. I am very faithful and loyal to my friends and lovers over the years, so this might also tend to be mirrored in my magical connections I have with the spirits.

The experience I have had is that a couple of times I hit upon a technique for making really big reality shifts, literally manifesting events and things, to the extent I’m not even comfortable sharing the details, but then there seemed to be like diminishing returns after a while.

What it felt like, though I’m not saying this is what it WAS, was as though I’d found a loophole in reality, and that the loophole subsequently sealed/healed itself after a while - however the time this was most noticeable was when I still had a huge and at that time unchallenged hunk of the old RHP programming, that one should be humble, unattached, ask gods for favours and not try to create them, etc.

So I think that bit me in the ass becuase I went a long way up that road of belief/practice and at the time thought it was the one and only true apex of reality.

Most recently I found I was able to do similar stuff again, probably from deprogramming, but I still have this nagging feeling that it decreases somehow each time, so I’m working on that right now, it’s been my main focus for several months now and I had a few breakthroughs.

I don’t know if that’s helpful but I would say it’s probably a matter of your beliefs getting in the way somehow rather than anything tied innately to the spirits getting their feelings hurt, I’m not saying that can’t happen in some situations because they can be offended by certain things, but in this case I think it’s the change of internal belief inside you that’s shorting out the work you do towards the end.

Yes Eva, I think its beliefs counteracting each other and hence…it causes this type of breakdown in recent results. Its amazing but a bloody nuisance as I have to tread over old paths again with my new chums lol…cheers

I’ve experienced somewhat similar things when pulling info from supposed alternate timelines or alternate reality streams. The main problem is that memory doesn’t line up with reality all the time, but the results are so fast it seems worth it most of the time.

I suppose that what happens when swapping beliefs rapidly. Things can happen quickly yet there is a gap or a missing page so to speak in the narrative of why or how something happened.

I realize this isn’t the same problem but it’s something I have experienced that seems like it may add an insight position to consider.

Yes I think I know what you mean NariusV > the problem does show itself in many ways…Its easily fixed by redoing the previous rituals again, its interesting but abit unsettling watching the changes you made turn back into the original problems

Perhaps you need to immerse yourself in the idea that each set of practices and beliefs wasn’t just a phase you passed through and discarded but was an essential foundation for where you are now?

I spent a long time in the love & light world and although I’ve obviously changed a bit, I can see how I HAD TO go there to get here, and I don’t so much think “I was wrong” - more that I had incomplete information and the residue of programming whose validity rests in creating stable societies for humans as they evolved their ability to understand life and themselves.

No doubt soon my current beliefs and understandings will be seen as equally incomplete, since we’re never “done” but I have the security of knowing I always did my best and followed my values as they stood at that time.

You undoubtedly have done the same because anyone with authentic magickal and spiritual explorations under their belt has trusted themselves and lived their values in a way that a lot of people shy away from, so the stuff you did in the past was the vehicle to get you here.

Very good you are lady; I like your input and its also good psychology. I do regard them at times as separate phases, which could easily explain why I tend to get a reverse in the results after changing direction……maybe if I did regard them as different ‘legs’ of the same journey it may stop that happening in the future