Psychic reading

Today i had my firrst psychic reading, She said a lot of shit that really hit home for me Im not crying your crying! but she also said some stuff that im not totally certain about. and im not fully certain what she may be talking about. She told me that i have a steel door like a safe door within myself. If i open that i can find a portal that i can enter. this portal will take me to room of immesurable wealth but also said that it holds no monetary value. So i can only assume she is saying that i have a block in my brain and once i open it I will gain a mass amount of knowledge? Ehh? That makes sense to me. Unless anyone else maybe has a better idea?



or spiritual knowledge and wealth

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well she said it had no monetary value. So unfortuately not weath.

SPIRITUAL wealth, lol

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As someone who does intuitive psychic readings…

I would interpret this as meaning that the steel door that is locked is a door to a part of yourself that you have closed off. You have ignored or denied this part of yourself for so long you may have forgotten that it is there…or maybe you haven’t…are you afraid of what’s behind that door?

The immeasurable wealth that lies behind the door would be a greater knowledge of self, a greater alignment, and an accepting and living in the truth and power of who you are.

Real wealth is not measured in money, but in character, in self knowledge, in empowerment etc…these are the types of things that you will find behind that door when you open it and face what is behind it.

Yes knowledge…but it is knowledge of self…not necessarily external knowledge…although that can come along with it.

Anyway, this would just be my interpretation. The best person to ask would be the lady who told you this…or search yourself to find an answer that suits you.


Sounds to me that you have a blockage of some sort, but only you can get rid of it. A path behind that door that will lead you to immense happiness, but maybe you are not willing to open it yet. Do you have kids?


i have a 2yr old.

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Ok, I felt the need to ask that question for some reason. Trying to see if the blockage is related to family issues, but probably not.

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Please ask away, I am always open to help I’m my magickal journey. I have always (last 5 months) been a solo practitioner so my knowledge is very fuzzy lol. Anything new I can learn I’ll jump on!