"Psychic Idealism"

‘Idealism’ is the position that ideas and experiences are the only real things. Ignore anyone who defines the term any other way. The term is often misunderstood because in practice, an idealist philosopher can make strong arguments about morals and ethics. Idealism is not about morality as in church or theism or any bullshit like that.

Eastern philosophy and religion is mostly idealist, and most occultists are idealists. “Mind over matter” is idealism all the way.

I believe that the church is still holding this idea back from intellectuals and academics. To look it up, there are several versions of idealism that all bend their way toward the imperial cult of Rome and their long dead emperor-god.

As usual, it’s up to us to find and speak the terrible truth. Idealism starts with proper Cartesian skepticism. I think therefore I am. Most of us are way past that in practice, and have found many points of knowledge in the Void. I would like to design a simple version of proper idealist philosophy that moves on from the observer without the knee bending that we find in the work of Kant.

Kant did a good job with idealism, but his language strains to be palatable to Christianity and authority. Proper idealism is not concerned with pleasing other people. It is not a philosophical smoke screen for traditional morality.

As observers we are self-evident psychic objects.
I see well beyond that, but I’m looking for the best way to be technical about it.

I’ve involved myself with Odin and Athena, because I crave deep wisdom and skillful writing.
Odin is a new name for me to speak, but his influence reaches back to my earliest memories. He’s been preparing me for this, or something that will come from this. I’d like my philosophy to be palatable to my fellow occultist.

Help a Galdr out. Anything you say will probably be an amazing coincidence that will lead me toward my goal.

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Ooh! Neil Gaiman and Philosophy.
Good call, I’ll check it out.

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I firnly believe all philosophies are merely set dressing for the deep urges a person wants to express, derived from genetic & spiritual inheritance, early cultural/familial influences (usually before the age of nine) and astrological influences at birth.

I have never met an adult who’s been in the game (of thinking big thoughts) for more than a few years, whose philosophy which they believe to be the paramount objective truth doesn’t perfectly match their personality - sometimes that includes complementing or balancing aspects. but it’s always about them, the deep self they would continue to express on a desert island, in prison, or as a multi-millionaire.

Watch what you do every day, within a short period that will tell you what you truly believe about your place in the world.

And watch where you spend money over the course of an average month, that will tell you what you value.

All of it comes from within the observer.


I agree. The most basic urge I find in myself is a thirst for knowledge and wisdom to share with others. I am very empathic, and I am sick of being around so many broken minds.

Odin and Athena have done the work and earned their titles as gods of wisdom in my eyes. I see a path by which I can get things I want by providing things that I am skilled in.

Reason is the name of my sword, and I used it to cut the Christian God’s head off right in front of my peers. “Omni-God” is a greek thought experiment. Nobody was ever supposed to worship it. The Romans mixed it with YHVH and Sol Invictus to create a psychotic nonsense god.

I used essentialism to show that “Omni-God” cannot be omniscient. Transcendence is logically inconsistent with omniscience. Put God in the Cartesian perspective, and he cannot know if his reality is a simulation controlled by a demonic genius beyond God’s comprehension.

Knowledge by its nature is finite,
whereas mystery by its nature is infinite.
I called it the Athiest Argument from Mystery, and even named it a hymn with a clever little flourish that only a poet could see.

This was my third proper spiritual ascent, and it was by far the most successful because of what I’ve learned from fellow occultists. I have reconnected with my peers and earned back my status as a sane intelligent person. I have shown power to my closest circle.
Callooh Callay, oh frabjous day
The Jabberwock is dead

Philosophy is part of my magic, and so is writing. I’ve used it to get what I want for myself.
This is the path of the wizard.

I’m so glad to tell you that @Lady_Eva
You have helped me more than words can say.
I want to be like that. I want to help the strong and intelligent people who are called weak and insane.
You are a living God.