Psychic Electrocution

Alright balg this is a tough one. Been three years I’ve been interested in this topic never quite finding an answer. Here is the premise: given that shaktipat exists and is the transference of divine energy (gained by sadhana) to a practitioner, what other means exist whereby the same effect can be produced without sending divine energy? So this was a topic discussed by osho, however he abruptly stopped before divulging the real secret. He explained that this effect can be done by controlling body magnetism (like mesmerism) which takes practice to sense. The second way is by doing a certain ritual (he said planetary or star ritual) which gives ones body a high charge and allows you to shock others by touch. The last method he described is the most secret: by breaking the body electricity circuit in someone else’s body, you can electrocute them. Even if you have no knowledge of the other two sciences, this is possible.

So how do we all think this is done?

Sounds like … killing him… ?!