Psychic attacks

My subconcious is always trying to destroy me and i feel i may be losing the battle after 7 years of constant battling i need help and dont know wat to do

So not sure what ya mean by this. The subconscious is linked to the lower self and is connected to how we manifest reality. If it is working against ya then ya may need to reconsider the foundations of your assumptions.

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At this point it is constant i cannot focus at work home or anuwhere else everytime i meditate i feel like im doing something harmful i feel there is no end in sight

Well it started as voices in my head idk exactly wat is causing it or if its some entity doing this

Wat i need is a psychic diagnostic and a healer but healers and such are hard to find

You could try evoking your subconscious and finding out what’s going on.

Lady Eva describes how she did so here:

There is also a book by S. Rob, available on Amazon, called How to Pray to Your Subconscious, that might be useful for you. It describes a technique for travelling into your mind and speaking with your personified subconscious mind.


If you working for real change your mind is gonna flip its shit starting out as your prior mental programming is likely directly opposed to what you are aiming for. Keep taking constructive actions toward your goals regardless of the thoughts or emotions that rise up.

I can tell ya right now as ya get closer any unresolved issues lurking in the mind start to make themselves known. This way you can work through them. It isn’t exactly a pleasant process though.


Thank you both for the advice

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Im so low on energy and mental health due to these attacks i truly hope soon i can start being a stronger and better person after resolving these attacks

A Psychic attack can occur due to the high influence of negative energies, these negative energies can harm a person in both mental and psychical way. We can get an impact on the emotional, spiritual and mental state. My brother faced this problem of psychic attacks, someone suggested to take the helpful hints from the voyance pure psychic readers who help in healing and channelize the positive energy of an individual to overcome from such situation.

Hm its hard to find such services that are real

Also om not french

I also grew up surrounding myself with dark and malevolent energy

It could just be negative energy from yourself. I’m not trying to be rude, but yesterday I saw you rant and rave on a post. I think you need to control your energy and your temper.

But here’s how to know if you’re under psychic attack anyway. If you are, do a banishing ritual. But you cant just keep going around the fourm raging with anger.


Like i said i rarely feel anger i used t o have anger issues but i got over them later on by learning self discipline its probably the negative energy or and outside force

And thanks for the link

I do have alot of repressed stuff tho that i cant necessarily help

And now im definately sure im under psychic attack

Pot used to help but i cant get ahold of that anymore

I absolutely believe while you’re under any psychic/spiritual attack or being drained mentally, and experiencing low physical energy, you need to force yourself to eat and drink wholesome food to keep your body and blood (life force) healthy enough to sustain you…that way whatever your mind manifests , your physical body can fight.
If you let your physical body be depleted it will cause pain and pain interferes with mental function. Break the cycle by taking control of what you can, your nutritional intake. And sunshine, fresh air, breath it in, you can still seek out the dark forces, you’ll just have a higher functioning vessel to do it in.