Psionics and Goetia

I saw a Psionics video where the 4th Pentacle of Saturn was placed in a battery pack.

No evocation, no invocation, no apparent paradigm, simply using the symbol as if it has power in itself.

Is the purpose of the sigil then to act as a complex pattern and amplify or funnel the chakra power ?

i.e. the power and intent is then further transformed (or amplified ?) by the pattern of the 4th pentacle sigil?

thanks in advance for any comments from anyone who has worked with this.

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Having worked with the Planetary Pentacles via Radionics at least a few times it is curious to note that they each seem to have there own unique/specific charge or categoric function/spirits associated with them(which is obvious when one reads their descriptions). I think I recall someone saying this was due to the build up of power over the centuries from mages using them along with the qualities of the planet they fall under and of course the detail in the designs themselves have meaning.

For instance, in practice, I printed out a pentacle of Venus on parchment and kind of funneled my intent into it whilst opening it as one would a sigil(lines disappear, flashing, etc). In the interim, I had already dialed in a rate for a person I was wishing to influence on the witness plate. From there I just put the pentacle face down on the witness sample facing the sample and turned the box on(which has no power, btw, just an on switch wired into the!). I left that running overnight whilst sleeping and the next day when meeting the person in question, I was blown away by the effect the Venusian energies had created.

This is just one example from my work with this method you have described. The patterns already have power. It’s a good practice to acknowledge that power, according to what you want to achieve by gazing at it and its listed qualities and then funnel the desire into it. Once it’s charged like this then the radionics box just does its job by transmitting to the target, or if you have an amplifying pattern on the box like one of the circular patterns in Uncle Chuckies books, this also boosts the transmission with more power, so to speak.

I hope this helped in some way. I definitely found this method to yield results. I suppose you could just try using the pentacle without the charge and see how that works but I just felt it was necessary to be specific for my particular goal to funnel that into and command the pentacle for that purpose to make it pack more of a punch, and it did just that.

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Is it possible to skip taking a rate and simply use an amplifying pattern along with a crystal and a light source ?

From what I have read so far, pyramids are very negative. Is there a way to use them for positive energy?

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You can take a rate just by attuning your mind alone. The dials are just a means to an end, something that makes sense to your mind. One of the benefits of using a radionics box is being able to set it up for a task, leave it running and forget about it, freeing your mind up for other things.

I’m not sure about the pyramids. Never used them myself. I have heard the shade of green energy produced is somewhat negative.

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Yeah, you can use any number of amplifying patterns printed out on paper without taking a rate if you wanted to deviate from using a radionics box. For these you won’t need a rate because the theory is that whatever is placed within the center of the(usually circular) pattern, is amplified by the qualities of the pattern.

You could also try using a Teleflasher. Apparently it’s an effective method of sending simple patterns or suggestions at targets, using a 25W bulb and flashing plug, a shoebox and stand. The details are in Psionic Magick. It’s something that you could run overnight and once the intent is set it does its thing. I’ll probably make one at some point and post results.

Even though power is not required for radionic and psionics machines, there is something about electricity and the use of light waves that might just help your experiments work better.

One of the coolest techniques I’ve heard about is buying a torch(flashlight) and putting brand new batteries in your hands. Using your mind to visualize the goal you direct emotional energy down you arms out through the chakras of the palms of the hands and into the batteries, the intent is set and primed, ready to go.

Put the batteries inside your flashlight. Have a planetary or goetic seal aligned with your goal printed or drawn out on transperant projector sheeting the size of the lantern glass(plastic?) facing outwards and then drop on the witness sample of the person or place facing down towards the light and bam! Batteries are charged with intent, riding on light waves, through a sigil or seal(boosting the intent) to the photo of the intended person or place. Run this continuously until the batteries go flat.


Man, I love Uncle Chuckie books.