Psionic Weaponry / Psychic Combat

Does anyone have any experience working with the psionic technology of Charles Cosimano (Uncle Chuckie)? I am currently working through the basics of psychic preparation and am getting favorable results. For example, the visualization of yourself in armor according to your intent works well, as well as mentally breaking down the minds of enemies through speaking to their subconscious. Another great technique is to program the minds of others by imagining and then speaking to them as if they were a hypnotherapy patient. What are your opinions on his work?


Looks like I’ve found home, his books were great to experiment with, if you can induce the rapture state in meditation you can do stuff like crash computers with the instructions neatly given in his books. Warning: Make sure to use specific computers you don’t depend on to practice this. Psionics is very nuts and bolts magick without any of the aesthetic mysticism. Which is probably why nobody really read his books. He’s way more fire than fluff, and newagers who need things tied up with a pretty pink bow of love and universal peace will be supremely disappointing with his work.

Not many people are into psionics, so I’m curious to know what exactly got you interested in it?

He gives great instructions on things like how to set buildings on fire, and other things of that matter. It will be noted that some feats in his books are more easily duplicated than others.

His work is reliable, and is a great and informative place to start if you aren’t prone to insanity or mental instability. His books are meant for a different breed of people. Sometimes I would use his techniques to bring about chaos for a lot of people for a very long time and it was definitely felt. I think that even once I reversed some of the psionics operations I performed, I seemed to have set a deeply ingrained pattern that completely fucked up the general vicinity of the target for time to come. So be careful about using it, it may have some strange effects.

Which one of his 13 books do you have?

Ever Forward
-Frater Apotheosis


My main interest was using technology as a form of occult power with very little effort on the part of the sorcerer. I have read all his books except for his fiction. I am going to experiment with a flashlight and laser pointer as a form of psionic weaponry in a bit. By the way, do you know how to create a psionic headpiece without elecronics and only a paper formation in it? Any help would be great.

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Oh man, I almost got a laser pointer just because of that book. I’d love to hear what this thread produces. I was fascinated with his psionic instruments and started making them, but never got around to finishing. May hap this is the kick in the pants to get back to it.

Thats cool. I actually started reading his books yesterday. I havent gotten too far yet but it seems interesting. Im eager to see what results come out of this.

I’ve found psionics to give very fast results.
Light transmitters can work well. I just may order this interview.

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By light transmitter do you mean pointing a flashlight or laserlight at a fetish object? Please elaborate on how you use them and what kind of results you should expect.

Yes. Flashlights and laser pointers charged with intent pointed at any fetish object. I try all kinds of ways using opened sigils and crystals. Results should be an increase in your psionic power you put out. There really are countless ways to amplify psionic energy.

I have the ‘psionic_mayhem’, psionicmagick downloads.

Michael G. Smith wrote "Crystal Power’ decades ago with similar weaponry/tools. I and a friend built an archway with lots of copper lining the interior frame. We used a dowsing rod to find a ley point…The end result was the sky darkened, wind started blowing like crazy, and it looked like it was going to rain. We both considered the fact that we had no way of controlling where the arch opened up to and with ;cthulu; on the brain we pulled it out of the ground. We never repeated the experiment.

I though did buy the copper rod, natural quartz, leather…etc. to build the power wand. I had it for awhile till it just disappeared; most likely stolen by one of my so called friends.
Anyway this thread has got me thinking. I going to see if I can track down a copy of this book and experiment. Now that I have the mental clarity and control I know I will have stronger, more controllable results.
Anybody else ever had this book ?

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The books are similar but Uncle Chuckie’s work seems to be a less fluffy and more cost effective.

So, UndeadGod333, you’re insinuation is that if you were to use a laser pointer filled with wrath and hate vs a dagger to stab your fetish doll with over and over again - you’d place your money on the laser pointer?
Any thoughts as to why? Being that you have had personal experience with this, I would be interested to hear your reasoning behind it.

I haven’t any experience with it yet, but Uncle Chuckie claims that light literally transfers consciousness making it much easier to influence the world and the minds of others. He explains it in the video below.

Psionics and Light

Get a dagger with a light on it. Best of both worlds.
Actually. it would be useful and fun to take a high powered 300 mw laser pointer charged with hate pointed at the doll until it catches fire.

Yeah man, I love Uncle Chuckie! CHUCKIE!!!

I wonder if the shade of light and/or intensity of it (as insinuated by UndeadGod333) has different effects or uses.
I mean - the color of light sets the mood, right?

[quote=“Darkness, post:12, topic:407”]I haven’t any experience with it yet, but Uncle Chuckie claims that light literally transfers consciousness making it much easier to influence the world and the minds of others. He explains it in the video below.

Psionics and Light[/quote]

Oh wow. you know I don’t even really think I fully realized what I was doing, but what he explained here is the same sort of concept behind something I allude to in this topic.

Though what I alluded to is a bit more complicated then just shining a flashlight, it is the same concept. Who knows what all you can do with light devices.

Just don’t use it to alter anything political, you’ll attract more negative attention than you want with that stuff. It’s effective at changing things, and it’s fairly effortless.

You can send him emails, but he’s now on facebook and will reply to you if you ask questions about it. If you want to learn how to do it, you should ask Charles yourself.

Here’s a question:
If you use a picture in a psionic attack, should you burn it afterwards as you would with a sigil?

Using a picture in my opinion is a great focal point but unless you are using a psychic construct that is specifically attached to that picture for a reference of the intended I wouldn’t see any reason to burn it unless it is meant to kill the target in which case It’s up to you if you would want to symbolically “seal the deal” in that manner.

Here’s an idea for when I get more money and more experience. Remember when Dante made those demonic daggers where Azazel, Amaimon, Abbaddon and Belial infused the dagger with their power. Well suppose you got them to do that, but with the lense of one of the lasers on this web page.

I actually bought one of the cheaper lasers on this page about ten years ago but it broke unfortunately. I should send it in to see if they can fix it. Though personally I’d like to get one of the more powerful versions then the one I have. That’d be badass.

EDIT: Though there may be one problem, to use the dagger safely I had to put some of my blood on it, hopefully that wouldnt jack up the laser lesne, or maybe I could put it on another part of the laser.