Psalms magic. Different meanings from different sources?

I have a book on Psalms magic.

Oribello, William A… Candle Burning Magic with the Psalms . Inner Light/Global Communications. Kindle Edition.

I also looked at 2 other websites for Psalms magic. One Hoodoo, the other calling itself Folk magic.
They all claimed that the reason to use that Psalm is for different reasons.

I am just making this example up.
Psalms 29
One source says it is good for healing, another says it is good for spiritual power, and a third source says it is primarily for pregnant women.

Is it fair to assume that if you find a Psalm with a passage that fits your particulary need, you can say that Psalm and emphasize the appropriate passage. So any Psalm could be good for anything as long as their is a passage in there that will work for you (and you have not taken it out of context, or twisted the words into meaning something they don’t)

The book says I need to make up my own prayer after saying the Psalm, so I guess I could use that to explain and emphasize whey I chose that Psalm, Or I could repeat the Psalms phrase I needed and expand from there.

Is that acceptable, or am taking liberties I don’t have any right to?

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Exactly. If you think it fits your situation, use it. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the “true” meaning. When we read something, our interpretation is always influenced by our own experiences. (And to be honest, how often have those words been translated? It’s hard to speak of a true meaning in texts this old.)
If you feel a connection to a Psalm, use it to make your own prayer/spell stronger.

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go with the heart, do the our father prayer first then recite a psalm or 2 you like, invoke angels if you want

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As I thought about it more, it occurred to me that the reason the books author may have you used that Psalm for that purpose was because of the name invoked.

This was Psalm/Candle/Divine Name magic. (I might not have said that clearly)

So the Divine name used is likely the name of God most associated with the attribute you are trying to get more of.

So, if I were going to go to war/battle I would pray to God using the name " El Shaddai"
That means “God Almighty” or “all powerful”

I would not call him Jehovah Rapha which means “Healer, the Lord who heals you”

because I want God to help me be victorious in battle. I don’t want him to help me heal

I think it was the name that gave direction to the spell.

To be honest, I can think of better Psalms to pray for specific things than some of those given in the book, if I can than figure out the Divine Name to accompany the Psalm I find more meaningful, I think I can make the prayer/working more powerful.

Does that sound right to you, better/more meaningful Psalm to me + correct Name = more power

Thanks for your advice.
That is the only spell I have ever done, so your help has been invaluable. It has sparked ideas and made me think. Without you this would be much, much slower and considerably more painful.

Be careful with the names of “god”. Some of them are simply other gods the translators smashed together with no knowledge of the origin pantheon.

OK, I can probably get some from the Talmud. Anyway, i will be sure to check my work.
Are the Gallery of Magic authors pretty good researchers. I have 2 of their books that use names.

The Gallery has done some very deep research, having access to private libraries most people don’t, so I wouldn’t worry. They even list a lot of the sources their Names and Words of Power are drawn from in the back of their books, especially Damon Brand.

That is all I needed to hear/read.

I felt kind of stupid asking.

I did not want to offend anyone by questioning their integrity but I also did not want to wind up praying/working to some weird God I don’t know or understand.

I watched a Koetting video on spirit sigils. It said anytime you open a gateway or sometimes even if you talk to a spirit they kind of have a path to you afterwards. So I need to be sure what spirits I am talking to.

Thanks again.

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