Psalm 91 and Qabbalisic Amulet/sigil

Hello everyone. With the world over fighting the Covid-19 virus I thought I would post this. If you check Youtube right now you can find videos explaining to pray Psalm 91 to help protect yourself and loved ones from the virus. What isn’t presented is the Qabbalistic side. I will post the sigil called Vihi Noam that should be used with the Psalm. The last verse of Psalm 90 and the entirety of Psalm 91 are used to create the 42 letter name of God. The sigil is created from those 42 names. For those familiar with The Gallery Of Magick and the instructions on scanning Hebrew sigils will already know how to use the sigil. In addition the “word of power” associated with the sigil is the name EL. Scan the sigil thinking of how healthy you are. How you are protected from this virus. Read the Psalm. Then vibrate the name EL remembering that you are healthy and strong and how grateful you are to be healthy and strong.
I will post the sigil plain and also one where I have indicated the order to scan.


Sorry everyone it looks like the numbering got chopped. Start at the far right moving left then down the middle and end with the # 5.

i dont understand, you mean on reading the sigil, start at far right?

ok i think i got it :slight_smile: