Prudence here. Greetings all!

Hey, I’m Prudence.

I’ve been doing what I’ve been calling intuitive magic for years now. Basically I’m just “told” what I need to do when. Example: I was just chillin’ here on a Sunday, watching football with my boyfriend, when I was intuitively told (i.e., suddenly got the idea) to do a candle spell for money. Green candle. Bunch of coins. Set on a circle of green felt in a small cast iron Dutch oven. Quickly fashioned a large ring of twisted copper wire to set in the cauldron. Sprinkled cinnamon on the coins & the unlit candle. Dressed the candle with ginger oil & my blood. In an oil/wax warmer, added “thieves” oil + ginger + frankincense + peppermint to a pine wax melt. Lit the candle & the wax warmer. Said a brief chant to call money to me. I asked whether I should address any entities but was told that, no, it would be taken care of.

I’m called to/by and interested in the left hand path. I am barely learning about it and don’t know all the lingo but I’m drawn to Goetia. Lucifer, Azazel, Clauneck and Belial keep coming up in my research and reading though. I definitely feel affinity for Lucifer. I’m also a reiki master and somewhat followed my own solitary version of white/right hand path magic but I had too much repressed rage and I literally lost my damn mind (suicidal breakdown).

I’m happy to share more as I get my feet wet; I just wanted to introduce myself quickly rather than lurk while I learn. I’ve already found the forum to be not only valuable and informative but validating as well.

I look forward to learning and sharing with you all!


Welcome @DearPrudence good luck on your journey :blush:


Hey, Prudence, glad to have you here.


I really appriciate your approach to ritual. I use this forum for intuitive inspiration. The “black background” encourages truly free speech.

Also check your settings for the midnight theme. That gives you a literal black background🤘


Welcome! We look forward to having you here!

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@Angliaenchantress82 @EREMITA @Khat

Thank you all for the warm welcome!


@Zapdubious I’ll check that out now!

I’m pretty lazy with my workings. I don’t really document things; I just kinda do the thing and then I let it do its thing. If I make a conscious effort to write things down or put too much thought into a ritual, I swear the magic just goes right out of it. I’ll probably have to change my approach when working with certain entities but I reckon they’ll tell me when I have to do that :woman_shrugging:t3:


Yah, midnight theme is sweet.

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