Protective entity?

Sorry if this is all over the place, I’m running on like three hours of sleep!

I mentioned in another post that I MAY have some sort of entity that is protective over me for whatever reason, and I’ve been thinking more about that today. For some reason, random instances in my life have been kind of replaying in my head of times where either someone has wronged me only to have terrible things happen to them shortly after.

One example, shortly after I graduated high school, a good friend decided to randomly turn on me and he ran a fairly successful smear campaign against me for literally no reason other than boredom. He dragged my sex life, my financial situation, my relationship, where I was going to college, etc. About a month later, his wealthy father passed away (leaving him jack shit by the way :upside_down_face:), he lost his job, contracted HIV, and had to sell his car in order to pay his rent. Similar things have happened with people who have wronged me several times in my life.

I’ve also had some freak incidents where things should not have gone well for me but did. An example of that, once I was stopped at a road block with my boyfriend. I was driving. We were both trashed but he was much more so, hence my driving. And yes, I know it was extremely stupid to drive drunk at all. I don’t make a habit of it and this was a few years ago. ANYWAYS, not only was I drunk, but my plates were expired. I don’t mean like a month, I mean like 7 months. I was in a horrible financial situation at the time and just couldn’t afford to renew. So, the officer asks me if I’ve been drinking. I say “I’ve only had one all night…had to be his DD” pointing to my boyfriend. Obvious lie. I smell like a frat party. The officer asks me to step out of the car, shines a light in my eyes and asks me to follow his finger. I fail this three times. The officer even asks if I have something wrong with my eyes. He takes off with my license for what feels like the longest few minutes of my life while my obviously drunk ass spirals into panic mode…then he returns, hands me my license and says “It’s your lucky day. Go home.”

While I do have some natural abilities (though I lost much of the abilities I had in childhood), I have very little experience in magick. It is a lifelong interest, but I’ve never dove in too deep. That being said, I’ve never cursed or hexed someone, though I’ve thought about it and directed a ton of hate towards those people in my head. I’ve also never done any spells for luck or protection. The only thing I can think of is that something seriously has my back. Can anyone offer any thoughts or feedback on this?

I know all this sounds really whacked out and crazy, and I’m fully willing to admit that it could all be coincidence, so please be nice! :pleading_face:

I think you used your emotions and desires in a very powerful way. Effectively your emotions were weapons. Emotions have a huge amount of power, when used or directed correctly. The Universe always delivers on desires, when the person (who has the desire) gets out of their own way. So your enemies got their comeuppance without the need for cursing, etc.

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I had no idea that was possible. Wow.

Can you please elaborate more on this?

Study the Abraham Hicks teachings. :wink: