Protection Spells

Anyone have any good protection Spells they would like to share? Personally I like Spirit Wards cuz crafts are fun. Good for late October.


This spell is from one of the BALG forums, hope you’ll like it, please share your experiences, thoughts.

  1. face north and take a couple of deep breaths
  2. Center and ground yourself (as described in How, to begin with, practical Magick article)
  3. Call the word of Nariluggaldimmerankia, the word is BANRABISHU. Call this word to each direction, when you are done, turn back to the north. This should clean the space of all negative energy, no matter if it consisted of negative emotions like anger, fear, frustration, negative entities like demons, larvae, or some curse.
  4. Call the word of Asaruludu. Proceed the same way as in step 3, call his word in each direction. His word is BANMASKIM.
    Enjoy the effects.

Infernal Blessings!


I did call Asaruludu, by calling banmaskim in the four directions and boy did I get spanked. Step four only. Filled me with dark energy, made me nauseous. He felt angry and did not protect me.

Did you try yourself?