Protection Sigil

As you can see in the picture below, I made this protection sigil on October 12, 2018
I am someone who is attracted to pentagrams/pentacles, so I decided to use that for extra protection added, to make it more stronger than just to have my own sigil. For the sigil, I did it in the most known way

  • write a phrase/statement in present tense as that is always required in law of attraction,it is known to be more effective

  • then I rid the statement of all the vowels (a,e,i,o,u sometimes y) and getting rid of the ‘y’ is always up to you,make sure there are no more than one letter of the same letter,example: the word ‘attract’, you would have to get rid of two 't’s as there can only be one,independence would become ‘i,n,d,e,p,c’

  • then with the remaining letters, do your best to draw a shape/sigil that feels best to you

Around the pentacle is the statement ‘I am protected’ in my own language (a non-existent language I made called ‘The Twisted Tongue’),A language I made only to be used for spells, rituals, sigils, just magick/witchcraft in general

Have you made a protection sigil? If so, share a picture, I would love to see :sunflower::leaves:


Thank you so much for this and I’ll take up some inspiration when I make mine, I sorta wanna do something like this but carry it around with me at all times.