Protection precaution

Just a reminder for all who is having fun cursing others in the name of revenge. We don’t really know if the person will intuitively get hinted messages by their unconscious or guides or other entity helping them when we cast baneful magick. They might even get advice from friends that they been curse if their bad luck persist. Then they will brainstorm and by chance figure out that you are the one cursing. SO i am reminding all to frequently cast a protection spell on self. Also you want to cast invalidate magick spell on the people you curse so that they can’t reverse or do magick revenge spells on you. Basically invalidate magick spell is a protection spell to block magick spells from others to you. Also do binding spells and protection spells of your immediate family and those you care for that is around you too.


Excellent advice, thank you for posting this reminder.


The “invalidate magick” spell is from the Angels of wrath?

Also work with some spirit to cover up your tracks when attacking anyone.

Yes when one is cursed, they immediately know something is up and either fight back or seek help. It happened to me when I was cursed.

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I guess that’s when someone believes in magick I guess?

many people don’t consider curses being magick. It’s not even in their radar as such category. When you talk to people about curses they talk about it as any normal topic. It’s all about context. when you mention demons /devils they react strongly. Then when you talk about angels, they are happy. If you talk about curses, they have various response from i want to curse my ex or you shouldn’t do that it’s bad. however, they don’t react to it as strongly like when you mention devils and black magick. you will be seen as crazy person if you talk about summoning devils and black magick. If you talk about curses, you aren’t seen as a crazy person. lol