Protection of children

I have 4 beautiful girls and I have decided to answer the call to Lucifer. During my prayer to Lucifer, I always request the protection of my girls. But I am curious…

Their father and their grandmother are “Christians” (their actions make me question some things…I digress) and they consistently say that my children are “covered in the blood”. Can my babies be protected by both?


“Yes. they can be protected by both.”

message from Lucifer

also Ive worked with Jesus and Lucifer together


Yes they can be. They will make their choices when they are old enough. My son is super sensitive to spirits. I raised him as Christian first as Catholic catholic which is what he is baptized as and then Mormon. Over the past year he decided he doesn’t believe in anything, but he is still very protected but both sides. In his case the infernal step up more. He told me a few months ago he saw Azazel the bedroom door way.

But when he was younger he was saved by the Devine as well.

From my experience both sides will protect children for questions asked when it comes down to it.

I would however let them choose their final path and support them in it.


Thank You for asking on my behalf.
I feel silly not asking Lucifer myself…it was a question while looking thru the forum this morning.

I agree…I think I was asking predominantly for my twins(6 years) and my toddler(2 years). They are who I share custody with their father.
I am instilling making choices now, so they will understand growing up.
I’m glad that I made the choice I did…I seem to have more blessings granted then I did when I was following Christianity.

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I actually spoke with my ex and explained what my choices are and then what my child’s are for now and asked him to respect them. Since I respect his. This way there isn’t a war of beliefs between parents if you are comfortable talking to their dad about it.

Lol…hes a narcissist and trying to talk to him is like asking McDonalds for a whopper… i believe that he will use anything to try to take my children from me as a way to hurt me…
Even more now that he has another female…

Wow you have one too. Mine is the same what that’s why I said what I did. He victim blamed for all of his actions and even now said he wants to take my kid… he has r been really in his life for over a year. He BARELY takes him in his “days”.

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I’m going to send you a message…we have alot to talk about

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Ok yes we do!

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I have my daughter protected by both sides as well but Lucifer and Azazel are the ones who watch over her the most.

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