Protection must haves

Hey, I would love if everyone shares their favorite protection magic. Do you prefer candles, oils or whatever you love? What Essentials do you think work best?

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Sea salt water and black tourmaline and obsidian.


Salt is my default cleanser, sea salt seems to work best (for me) but when I can’t get it I use kitchen salt with the same ease.

Around the corners of my property I have binding runes in place to keep any unwanted presences out. Be those corporeal or non-corporeal, it seems to work on both. Every year I do a dedication to strengthen or reaffirm their purpose.
Funny story tho: When I first put those in place one of my neighbors refused to come unto the property any longer but would only talk to me from outside the property line. Never thought that person had any ill intent towards me but I’m not about to question how those runes work for me :wink: , he never set one foot inside the boundaries of the runes anymore. We’re not on unfriendly terms tho, on the face of it he’s nice to me but there’s a reason why the runes keep him out.