Protection Jars

I want to make and bury some protection Jars. The ingredients call for grave yard dirt. Does that have to be dirt from on top of a grave or just dirt from inside the boundaries of the cemetery but with no one buried underneath. .

I got to admit collecting dirt from an anonymous active grave feels like I’m violating the person underneath and/or their family somehow.

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Oh and does the dirt need to be collected at night or is any time OK?

I would try to avoid collecting graveyard soil at night these days unless you know the caretaker (police and such). As for the actual soil, traditionally it is the dirt from the top of the grave, especially if there is a particular deceased person you want to work with. Or you can grab a pinch of soil right on the corner of the tombstone, as I found it both just as effective and less noticeable.

If you want to work with Death in general, soil from somewhere else in the cemetery could work fine as long as you associate cemeteries with death and not the living (I unfortunately do see cemeteries as being more for the living than the dead so it probably would not work for me).


There’s nothing to stop you going to the supermarket buying a cheap bunch of flowers and kneeling in front of someone’s grave site with a tablespoon LOL place the flowers kneel down say hello state your intentions scrape some dirt say thank you and leave.


Thanks Tiberius!

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Aprentiz, thanks I didn’t think of that.

People get so wrapped up in the logistics of how to do something but sometimes the simplest most obvious way to do it is the best. The reason I suggested flowers is just so that you can have an energy exchange. If you’re going to take something it’s always nice to give something back, and since in this case Money is of no Value I think pretty flowers is a nice gesture.


Cool you’re right.

Many necromantic rituals regularly require the land of the cemetery or the land of a tomb. This important element is intimately related to the deities of Death and the power of the Dead, therefore they must be handled with the greatest respect since the worst thing One can do is go to a cemetery without following any tradition or protocol and “steal” the land of the dead or other elements that converge this place. This type of act provokes the wrath of the deities of death and of the dead that often punish the offender and his environment bringing fear, pain, disease and sometimes death. It is a transgression to that place, and many for believing that there is no consequence penetrate that fountain and receive without noticing the collection of this bill.

The slopes of necromancy in all its manifestations make serious warnings and each of them has a protocol or ritual registered to go to BUY NOT TO TAKE from cemetery land to other tools that are required in specific rituals.

In order to avoid the wrath of the Dead and deities that govern in this place, one must always ask permission before doing such work. If permission is granted, all items acquired from the dead and from the cemetery must be paid. It is a LAW and if it is violated … believe or not the one who commits it will receive demand for it.

I reiterate: Within the different traditions there are several methods and ceremonies that are used for the purchase of land and other elements of the dead, it would be provisional to take the call to the required respect if the support of this area of ​​the underworld is desired.


I agree. Laying flowers at a grave has been done for about 10,000 years now (as they have found a cave in Iraq that had a neanderthal buried that was covered in pollen, suggesting flowers were laid on them). It would definitely be a great gift to give for the dead. I personally leave coins


I would only use graveyard dirt for baneful purposes, not protection, but whatever suits you.

Graveyard dirt is fine for protection, without complicating things it might be best to do a little grave research. Using dirt from the grave of someone that valued the life of others would be your strongest. Fire fighters, police, emt etc. A family member would be ideal :slight_smile:

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In general we will use a soldier’s or police officer’s grave for protection, now you don’t have to use that, it’s only if you want to use the dead spirits in your protection, I have a castle not far away with ramparts, I take dirt that I add in my spells of defense and submission on my enemies.Giving coins as an offering I find it ridiculous, I don’t know where it comes from, the souls of the dead need to draw energy, that’s why we give offerings of candles, tobacco, alcohol, food, flowers etc…


On a practical note, I personally know of 2 people who were arrested for being in a graveyard at night. For this reason I personally would suggest sticking to daytime collections.

As has been said, yes, you get it from a grave. I always ask the person buried there if it’s okay, and always get an immediate wave of positive or negative. If it’s cool, I take some dirt and leave tobacco and coins. Never had a problem. I only do this at night because (for me anyway) it’s easier to communicate with the dead at that time.
In thirty-plus years of doing that sort of thing I’ve only been ‘caught’ once, and it was by the police outside St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, in New Orleans. The twist is that they didn’t care what I was up to, they were just getting me away from the projects for my own safety (they said).

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Wow, Thanks for the information. Thank you.

To you for taking this point of view! good luck