Protection help

I really need advice for the best protection spell. My daughter walks a lot and has some creeper who keeps trying to get her to get in the car with him. And now a black truck is watching and following her. I had to leave work to take her home tonight. Its really freaking her out and as mom of course I want to do some crazy sh it. But I mostly want my daughter protected by any means nesassary.

Ask a demon to get rid of that scum.

Evoke Malphas, He will get you ride of this scum bag very quickly

Thank you for all your suggestions. I’m definitely gonna look into them. I just want her to be safe. I will do what I need to in order to do that.

Also have her carry a Black Tourmaline in a mica matrix. Make shur it is compatible with her and it should bounce back any negative intentions.

Depending on age I’d also recommend pepper spray.

I would turn to my spirit partner for anything this serious, and trust what he says - so, try Azazel?

Lady Eva I was thinking that too! I haven’t had a chance to do anything between work and family duties but I was Definately thinking about contacting him on this one. I would need to be in the right space bc this is too important to me. I have done some "in a pinch " protection. But I just feel she needs more. She too head strong and independent to not walk every Damn where! Of course that’s usually not a bad thing. Unless your the over protective mom. But yes I think I will reach out to Azazel. Thank you!!

For me, invoking Bastet and praying to her works like a charm… Goddess Hecate also gives protection, if you ask her. Whenever I feel vulnerable physically, specially after returning home late night after work, I sincerely invoke and pray to Goddess Hecate and ask her to come to me…and guide me along until home… I feel a chilly and heavy presence after I pray and fully make out that she has come and I go home without any fear. :slight_smile: Sometimes I also feel the presence of Goddess Bastet and Hecate behind me when I walk home alone.