Protection from insects and/or animals?

I’m curious about what you guys think of the possibility of spirits with an affinity for certain insects and/or animals protecting someone from harm from said insects and/or animals due to the person’s attitude towards them. since I was a kid I’ve always loved insects and animals, I’ve always had a good relationship with them so to speak. I don’t have that knee jerk reaction to stomp on insects just from the mere sight of them like most people do. in fact I think that behavior is very cowardly and should be shamed, especially since most of the time that kind of reaction is due to a perceived threat, not a real one. I’ve noticed a pattern over the years, I see that people who have no respect for these creatures are the ones getting fucked with by them the most, meanwhile people like me who are chill with them rarely get messed with, if at all. I think it could just be my demeanor and how I approach them, but if there were spirits who have an affinity for these creatures I imagine they would respect my attitude towards them, and possibly protect me from harm from said creatures at least to a minimal degree. what do you guys think? do any of you have any similar experiences?

There are a lot of spirits that have traditionally been invoked for protection from dangerous animals and insects. In ancient Egypt, for example, the goddess Serket was invoked for protection from scorpion stings, and the god Sepa was said to protect against snake bites.

I think this is the most likely answer. Like all animals, insects will respond to energy and vibration so they tend to react to the fear or sense of danger a human emits.

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