Protection Force Field

Ever since I was little I was always scared of the dark. Was afraid that “Monsters” would get me. As I aged I realized I was the one to be afraid of. That I was the most dangerous person in the room. Yet nonetheless I still used a visualisation technique that im calling a Force Field or Protection Bubble.

I’m not entirely sure if something like this exists or not, but I’d like to share how to do it. Its simple and easier than making a circle in my opinion.

What you are going to do is visualize a blue ball of energy at the center of your body. Imagine this energy extending and surrounding you like a bubble. Iv noticed that I suddenly feel calm and secure in this bubble.

I use it to protect myself from negative or toxic energies. I also use it when im evoking/invoking a entity that I don’t know all to well. This can also be used to protect other people and animals. I have been messing with it, you may be able to use it in Vamprism but im still tampering with it.

Anyway I hope someone finds use in this. Enjoy. Below Is basiccly what I’m visualizing. giphy


I thought I was the only one. Lol! I do this too even though I know I’m scary myself.


I do the same thing. It’s simple and it works!