Protection for your family While working with demons

Question - what is a few ideas or best practices to keep your family safe while working with demons other then not while they are in the house. But I have a teen girl and a toddler so I’ve been told “ Star child” son I’ve heard these are very susceptible ages any advice


I suggest two options I myself did, do a ritual to protect your loved ones from the book ‘Magickal protection’ by Damon brand.
Or you can also choose a demon for protection, if I may suggest Lucifer is a ultimate protector. :sparkles:

I hope I was of some help. :sparkles:


I would advise working with positive forces before such workings or do an LBRP before and after all workings


If you do a banishing of the energies before and after, there shouldn’t really be an issue. I have pets and a family, but do most of my work outside on my back porch. I’ve had various entities in my house before and for each one, there is a rule that they are not allowed to disturb my pets or my family. All have respected that, from Kings down to Land Spirits.

If you’re concerned, then you may want to perform your rituals astrally.


I second the banishing ritual.

You could also use a system like Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfiel or The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer where the demons are constrained and guided by angels.


To keep them safe from what? Becoming more empowered, getting to strip the reality and see it beyond the binding light of the sephiroth and their lies, wanting to be themselves, fighting for becoming their most highest expression and even become a living God??? :flushed:


Thank you everyone u have been very helpful

I am also somewhat confused on this. Sorry if I don’t quite get it and seem noob of a question. If you mean stuff that you could attract because of your rituals such as low entities then I understand. But from that, why would any one need protection from the beings that are there to help? :woman_shrugging:t2: I also understand if it’s because your doing curses. I think it was EA who said he goes out of his house and into a cave somewhere to do these things because of his family.
But I can understand if you have a sensitive child. The banishment would be my go too. It’s just if your working on something for a extended period of time, that might pose just a slight problem. :thinking: I would also agree on working with a demon that is good with protection especially with children. Oddly enough I feel that there is a good number who do. Not sure who though. Oddly enough for me, my friends I’m staying with has four children. Every time I come over to the main house I do feel a difference but not what others think. The air is lighter but also very much chaotic in feel. But over where I’m at it feels calm and slightly heavy. :thinking:

I don’t think that LHP will work for you since you’d like to protect your family from it. If you don’t build a true friendly connection with the demons and don’t treat them with respect, they won’t help you either.


It’s hard to have to take both sides inconsideration I’m not going to leave my family to answer a calling but I don’t want to bring anyone to the dark if they choose the light. They can be very helpful but they can be very vengeful too you cannot forget that. It’s a give and take I was marked awhile ago when I didn’t know Damian had a demon with him it felt my energy it feed off my weakness and masochistic ways we had the most toxic 1000 miles down a ice slope connection you can’t even explain my Wiccan friend took it upon herself to do a binding spell I can no longer feel his demon but anytime I try to walk away from damian with in 24 hours I’m literally insane and obsessed over him for no known reason if I go back to him it stops immediately and it’s a normal day. The first day I met him I saw us not as a love interest not as a fetish but I saw myself standing beside him with the world on fire around us. I told my friend Marie that day I deep down believed that in the end I would not be on the same side as her. It’s not a path that I have a belief to follow or something I want to gain from them. It’s a consistent persistent calling that it’s just time I give in and deep down I know once I open that door there is no turning back I can’t explain it or stress it enough what that feeling is that is pulling me but I don’t know it’s intentions for me and I don’t know enough about it all but it’s something I need to find out :frowning:


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