Protection during a physical assault?

Hi Everyone,
I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with a Spirit, Demon etc they have formed a close relationship with help them in any way during an unprovoked assault?

I have a close bond with La Santa Muerte where I have asked her for her protection, and I know that she would bring me justice should anyone harm me, but I’m not sure how much Spirits step in to help in real time?

Anyone have an experience they like to share or any knowledge?

Thank you and have a great rest of your day. =D


In my experience, they always make sure to prevent such a thing from happening. They’ll also open up your intuition to let you know to avoid going to a certain place, or visiting shady people. Should you decide to “go against” your intuition, unfortunate circumstances may occur. Lastly, they’ll always help you get the justice you deserve, if physical assault happens. I’m not sure if you believe in “learning lessons”, but I’d also burn some karma/any contracts/past live healing to prevent these things from happening.


For me it’s been prevention, like me not being around when something at my house went down. Which I had kinda mentally “prayed” to not have to be around and circumstances “magically” happened to where I wasn’t present and no one got hurt.

However it’s more indirect. If someone were to try and Physically harm someone and prevention did not work to avoid this, it would be up to the person to defend themselves.

Maybe the spirit could somehow influence say a police officer to somehow be around (if in public) or something else to somehow end such a situation.

I’ve unfortunately had times where stuff did happen to me so from experience things like this can’t/aren’t always avoided for whatever reason.

Life is unpredictable and not everything can be prevented, just as how justice isn’t always dealt.