Protection/blessing/possible binding on a relationship?

Hi all,

I did have a quick look through the search bar as to what I’m looking for, however I haven’t found anything too specific on it.

Do any of you know good protection spells, as in to protect a relationship from break up spells, and anyone who tries to break you up with break up spells it possibly backfires?

I feel I could be in a possible competition with my boyfriends ex- that or I am being paranoid. I feel like she is stalking me, and although I have no evidence if she is into magick (I know very few people are) I want to make sure she is out of the picture for good. I don’t want disturbances!

I’m not at all great with evoking demons as of yet. I have practiced with trying to contact Sallos and Belial through sigils- but as of yet, I have had no signs that they were there with me. However any tips on this issue would be great, even if demons were involved.

Thank you so much.


Create a servitor or two and design them to specifically protect your relationship and to banish any negative influence directed at both you and your partner.

Another option is to ask Aphrodite or Venus to bless your relationship and to guard it against outside interference.


Thank you :relaxed: