Protection and health spell(s) for a loved one

Hey guys, so ive been looking into doing a protection/health spell for my father. He is 52 years old, hes pretty overweight, is mostly stressed due to his job ,he drinks and smokes cigarettes on a regular basis… ive tried talking with him about it but he just cant seem to make any change. So ive been thinking maybe its time for a spell to ensure that he lives a longer and healthier life. Hes got a wife and 3 kids who care alot about him. Ive been bouncing back and forth on just a simple candle spell but i feel like it might be necessary to involve a spirit as well or somthing a bit more potent… any suggestions?? I just dont have much experience in this area magick.


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Following this. I’d like to help my dad live a healthier lifestyle too.


I would recommend the spirits of the House of Kel. They are capable of healing any aspect of existence. They would easily be able to help your father to become healthier, by healing his ills and guiding him to make healthier choices.

Their seal is found in EA’s book Evoking Eternity.


@DarkestKnight thank you very much, im definitely going to look into that!

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Looking over the whole picture in particular with the smoking, encourage him to quit, i smoked and have cut back, several spirits i invoked asked me to quit smoking as a sign of worship and health as a start to your health plan.

For healing and health your deitys might include Marbas who is the 5th spirit in the Ars Goetia, he is able to endow the magician with health and or heal others. He answers truly concerning all things hidden or secret, causes and cures diseases.

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Awesome! Thank you guys! Last night i was flipping through my copy of the goetia i must of skipped over those two spirits you guys mentioned. Very helpfull!

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So i was told that marbos and raphael work well together… can this be confirmed??

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You always want to be sure you have the person’s permission to do spellwork. At least when it comes to healing. Spells and magick involving the human body and soul can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing- sometimes even if you do.

I work as a shaman, but I also double up as a companion of Ankou. There is light and dark in all of us :wink:

Naturally, when doing hurt and other spells of the sort, you don’t ask permission. But if its someone you care about they need to understand the consequences before you proceed.

Blessed be, Cam



Thank you for the heads up, much appreciated! I asked him if i could could do a spell on him to help him live a healthier life, that was like 4 months ago, he said yeah but he thinks this is all BS lol

This is different looking sigil for him n o it like one