Protection along the lhp

I will admit. I want to develop lhp practices. But I am Worried about getting hurt in the process. These are, as the myths state, chaotic powers and beings. I want to connect with daemons, but I wanna feel protected in the process. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. After all, everyone experiences these forces differently. Some have positive visitations that lead to positive outcomes. Others don’t and experience dangerous forces that harm them. I wanna know I’ll be one of those who report positive experiences. Or to the very least know if any harm that comes my way can be defended against or at least be rectified. I want to know I am able to have back up for when things go south.

Does anyone else feel this way, or have they ever felt this way before? What have you done to alleviate this fear?

Do daemonic powers feel offended when humans call on gods for this very purpose? Because truth be told, I don’t think it’ll be fair if they did. Considering magicians like Solomon and deities like Yahweh, I understand if they feel cautious towards us and have ways to defend them selves when they become threatened or attacked. So I think it’s only fair we get to protect ourselves against them as well. My goal IS COMMUNICATION. For that I need to feel safe, but I do not want to resort to causing them harm.

Any opinions or advice?


Choose a demon, specific one, to be your SHIELD GUIDE MENTOR AND PROTECTOR. Place trust in him or her 100%. It’s okay and completely natural to feel the way you do. But trust me, you will be secured from harm and danger. Ask and you will be given. Build a bond, a relationship with that entity. Do your research and see who feels aligned with your energy and calling.


Yes, I have felt this way, and to some degree I still feel that way with certain entities as I am also just starting out on the LHP.

How I alleviated the fear?
1. Before I summoned the first demon, I researched until I had a basic understanding of that particular entity (it was King Paimon).

2. Then I meditated on why I felt fear and resistance towards the darker side in general.

3. I defined what spiritual shadow work was for me and how demons and other entities fit into it.

4. Lastly I tried to wrap my head around what King Paimon represented for me specifically as every one of us has his own associations.

Once that was (more or less) clear, I simply “jumped” and told myself that the fear I project into it, the scarier the reflection will be. In the end, you’ll have to take the step into the unknown to see what’s behind the veil you fearfully placed infront of it yourself. Experience it in order to experience it.

During my time on the RHP I learned to use circles for protection when deeling with the spirit world. Now, I don’t think this is bad, but I like to think of my circle as a bubble around me, stating and enforcing MY piece of reality where I “rule”. It’s my personal place of power in the universe where only those are welcome that support me on my journey. It’s more of a mind game I play with myself to calm my human conscience mind while my subconscious is out there doing “the work”.

So far, I haven’t experienced anything negative with this approach.


I suggest learning some form of divination. Also, asking questions of entities is much much safer than making requests to do stuff for you. Thirdly, know yourself. Be honest with yourself about your own emotions and desires.


Obviously, you don’t need to learn from demons, well it’s a quite unpopular opinion but I would recommend someone else first. Like get into gods from mythology you feel connected to mostly or any sorts of beings recommended for beginners.


I have wrestled with this as well. Part of the reason why I began to work with the Gatekeepers is because of my own fear with them, mainly because I know they can screwed me up easily. This pathworking is a way to face not only that fear, but rise up as a better person through going through their teachings. QAllowing Belial into my body was a pretty big leap of trust that i normally do not give. Keep in mind that I never worked with Belial prior to that 90 day pact and i had zero reason to believe he would not harm me. I know that some are probably having a face palm moment reading that right now and the free fall is not something I would recommend, but it was something that needed to be said. By showing that courage/foolishness, I heard Belial’s respect enough to continue to work with me.

That being said, I do not believe that it is entirely disrespectful to have some form of protection when summoning a demon for the first time. I wouldn’t go as far as binding them to a particular space personally, but making it a bit harder to get a hold of you could be viewed as a sign of your own power. Belial quite enjoyed poking at the holes of my own protection in order to show where I can improve them. Just do not create said protection out of fear but as a mark of your own omnipotence and sovereignty. It is the fear behind the action that seems to cause of offense. I have come to believe that showing that you have the skills to protect yourself shows the demon that you are serious and not some push over dabbling into things, at least that is the impression I got from Belial. Once again, could depend on the demon as well.

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I might be approaching this naively, but in my experience, and as I understand it in EA’s writings, The Gatekeepers are here to help and guide mankind. Not to hurt us in anyway. I think humans just let their fear of the unknown creep in and I will not let that happen to me. I want to embrace the unknown and experience all they have to offer.

I want to add that when I needed a job, Belial stepped in with the aid of Lucifer and put me in a place where I am comfortable with the much needed time added to allow me to work on side projects with them.

Bottom line is I think it’s how you approach them, and keeping in mind that you are a Living God, and not doubting that, will give you the strength to continue the much needed work for yourself and for me, humanity as a whole as well :slight_smile:

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I[quote=“Aprentiz, post:7, topic:71418”]
The Gatekeepers are here to help

I completely agree now that I am in the system myself. I don’t believe they actually want to harm us but I had no reason to believe otherwise until I took that plunge. Keep in mind I never worked with eight of the nine before jumping in (and Baal I only worked with once and was blown away by his power). So the fear probably was more based on the unknown than any actual risk of harm. I think it was mainly a test for me. What was once fear has turned to excitement as I go on.

Human fear has a tendency to destroy everything in its path, especially the individual. We tend to ruin our own lives when we allow fear to cripple us.

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@KariDarkstar is doing some pretty cool work with using fear and re-purposing it. you could always reach out to her with questions on that specifically or check out her YT channel.

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I have done research. We all know what the recorded myths and folklore say. So the more positive readings tend to be modern and highly subjective. No ones experience is universal, even here. So I’m left with interpretations. It’s all about who’s experience I want to believe, and I choose to believe the more positive descriptions over the negative ones. But i just want to be prepared. I want to embrace the unknown, but not blindly.

There’s a bit more to this topic than simply airing on the side of caution. From the research I’ve done on this site. I have come to the conclusion that daemons are not the sort to coddle. Gods, maybe. They want me to be prepared and will challenge me. At least that’s the interpretation I’ve come up with. They’ll want to see if I’m worth their time and may very well try to duel me as a test. So in light of this, preparing some defense seems to be as much a means of proving myself than an act of self preservation.