Protection against magical attacks

Is it possible to become completed protected against baneful magick, curses and vampirism?
Do there exists demons that can provide it?
Many modern witches talk about the use of a pentacle necklace as amulet.

I doubt it. If someone is determined and powerful, and has helpers and patience on their side, they could probably take most anyone out. Sabnock can help with protection.

What about the pentacle? It represents the five elements that build the universe.

possible i bet.altering your essence much

Not Demons but certainly Kurukulla, assuming that we think that most practitioners depend on demons to carry out their curses.



all over the world, one of the most common methods is to carry around an evil eye. it’s not common practice in the u.s. though.

What is that?

What do you mean with carry around an evil eye?

its jewelry with an eye on it, look it up you can find images everywhere.

There is a search function and this forum has an excellent post about her, other than that- google is your best friend.