Prosperity for the Home


Hey what is a good ritual to bring prosperity into your home or living quarters? I had a idea to evoke the Archangels on each floor and in the cardinal directions for prosperity and protection what do you all think?



I see alot of questions from you, but I’m always a little hesitant to answer … I never get a sense of what types of Magick you’ve already worked with & what kinds of tools, traditions, settings, materials, etc. you have already established a relationship with…

The reason I bring this up, is that you always seem to be looking for an answer that never comes - as though we’re not understanding you rightly.

Perhaps if we knew more about you - Zoe


I am a traveling man. I have no set system other then basic evocation. I have worked extensively with silvia ultramind ,psionics , NLP, Taoism( both cultivation and religious) i have found that the use of tools helps but I have done rituals were I visualised them or simply didnt use them. Evocation I am fairly new to having done only around 20. With out questions there can be no answers and hey if it helps some one else then thats a bonus.


You also instigate and provoke. After the recent happenings, I think it’s going to take more than brief rundown of what you purport to have accomplished before too many of us will be willing to help you out. I’m just being honest with you.


My apologizes