Pros and Cons of techiniques given in The Black Witch by Enoch P

I started reading Enoch Petrucelly’s ‘‘The Black Witch,’’ and was wondering, what are the pros and cons of the shadow body travel thing given in the beginning chapter of the book, compared to full on Astral Projection?

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As a beginner myself, here are my opinions.

Pro. It’s a good book for astral projection and working with the Qlipoth.
Con. It feels very advanced, and won’t be much help to a beginner.
Pro. It has several rituals that involve temporarily merging with infernal figures.
Con. It’s possession, which you may feel uncomfortable about.

It’s all about what you feel comfortable doing.

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I am not comfortable offering my blood as sacrifice in the rituals. Feels like they can create a way too strong bond that way. I just give them my love and thankfulness.

The godess cleansing and Babalon cursing rites I LOVE. Slept so great after them. Also feels really good to connect to Babalon and the rest of the godesses too. Loved that Isis was there too - she has saved me before; she is extremely powerful.

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