Proposal (Love) Spell

Alright, before I get started, I have looked this up on the forum and elsewhere, but I can’t actually find anything other than what the results were or what the person was looking for so I’m here, genuinely asking for help.

I can’t disclose the situation because of confidentiality, but I can say this. The girl I am trying to help has a guy who’s been on and off with her every-time they meet up and she is currently settling for a guy (dating him, not her boyfriend as she specifies) that she doesn’t love.

Okay, here’s what I’m looking for to help her: She is miserable at the moment with many things in her life, but if she can fix one aspect, she can begin to fix the others. She’s asked me to help her get the guy she sees occasionally to propose to her. This proposal has to happen before August 27th or her chance is blown. According to her, they’ve been childhood best friends and constantly attracted to each other since that time so there is a connection, but they don’t live in the same city anymore so that’s why this time is crucial, since it is the only time they will see eachother for a long while. If she doesn’t get this proposal, she’ll be stuck to settle in something loveless.

Honestly, I felt really bad and said I’ll look until I found a spell that could help her… and she said she needs a proposal from him… Help me please. Here’s what I do have:

  • Red candle (and white)
  • Some herbs
  • Enough magick skill to do the spell

What I don’t have:

  • A link (hair, nail clippings…) of the guy she wants the proposal from

Does anyone know anything I can do to help her get this proposal or should I start writing my apology?

Seriously hoping someone can give me a hand (what spell I can do - the ingredients and process, not do the spell for me I can do that).

Serious answers only please. I know this girl and I know her situation, I genuinely want to help her. She deserves the guy she wants the proposal from, and she deserves to be happy. (GOOD INTENTIONS)

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This should work for you. You will need a picture of the guy, which i imagine can be easily found on social media


I always got a doubt with that spell… Do you know if it increases the love of the person that is casting, too? (Or in this case, of the girl that is asking to be casted for her). The way it’s phrased looks like it…

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You should ask Kendall about it, as its his spell. Its worked well for several people so I sometimes recommend it for folks

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Mmmm I will, thank you!!

I can’t thank you enough. I will try out. Thank you. (I told her I found it and she says thank you too)

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