Prophetic dreams

I have had strange experiences with dreams my entire life. Many times I dream about something and then the dream comes true and this scares me but sometimes it makes me happy when it is a good thing. 90% of the time my dreams come true but not all dreams.
Is there a way to know if a dream is prophetic, something that is about to happen in the near future?


I’m trying to figure this out to prophetic dreams are what I’ve found to be one of my strongest abilities I’m not very strong psychically so I don’t get them as often as you but I get them every few months Atleast very strange experience

I personally am going to try the poison path for this particular thing I’m going to use a herbal flying ointment with ingredients like European mandrake datura belladonna hemlock fly agaric brugsmania black henbane lotus and Mexican dream herb and Klipp dagga mugwort etc Might incorporate tabacco into it via smoke also and meditation and perhaps a ritual some sort then sleep I haven’t thought everything out quite yet as you can see

You just gave me a good idea. I have to learn more about this poison path. Maybe it will improve my control over these dreams. Thanksss!!!

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Yes your welcome glad I could help if you need I have a link or two I could send

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This is a product I’m going to start with

This is freaky to me as well… In my experience you really can’t know if a dream is prophetic or not. The only way you can know is if you see the dream unfolding in real life. Exactly how you saw it.

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That’s how it is for me so far as now but I’m going to see if it’s possible to know or control

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I want to control my dreams too. There must be something different at prophetic dreams but we have not noticed yet. If we can understand what this is then maybe we could stop the dream coming true.

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There is lucid dreams but that is something totally different

I’ve always had prophetic dreams as well.
And I stopped one.

The difficult part is to recognize if a dream like that is a prophecy, or just a manifestation of your own fear. Because in my experience prophetic dreams feel different than usual dreams. They feel muc more intense, real, and often leave you completely exhausted, devastated (depending on the content) and out of energy.
But sometimes “simple” nightmares can make you feel like that, too.


I would keep a journal to see what came true and what didn’t. Then notice patterns between the two. For example:

Prophetic dreams had this „knowing“ feeling behind it. Whenever a dream predicted something for me, I’d either feel this charge behind it. If it’s just a random dream, then I typically never think of it again and there isn’t an emotional charge/feeling behind it

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