Properly disposing of old Occult offerings and Statues

I am moving house. I have lots of old ornaments and other things spirits wanted in my garage .

Over the years, they have built up and I am looking for a respectful way to dispose of them.

Such things as Baphomet statues with horns missing as I have replaced them with newer ones, old Poison jars and lots of ornaments from thrift shops spirits wanted.

They have a shit load of energy on them and I do not have the room to take them all with me this time.

There are spells to Transfer the energy of an enchanted object into another.

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I am looking for a way to respectfully dispose of them. Charity shops are out of the question. Taking them to the dump seems disrespectful. How would you dispose of old Occult objects that you no longer need?

Are you able to bury them? That could be one way to respectfully dispose of them. I’m sure someone will come along with some other suggestions, but I hope this helped. :rose:


I’d support this suggestion. Bury them if you can.