Proper offering Samael

Good morning everyone,

What would be a propper offering to Samael?
I cannot find much about what to offer him that’s why i want to hear from people that work with him more often.

He showed me what he can do with necromancy so i thanked him in a prayer and asked what he wants as an offering.

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Decent alcohol, especially red wine seems pretty universally appreciated. He likes art if you’re artistic at all. Rare meat is usually a big hit as well. Also blood and sexual energy are appreciated, but understandable if you’re not comfortable with that. I don’t have much experience with him, but he’s known to be very intense.


Hey @Narsonix,

Thank you.
Yes the first time was very heavy, falling a sleep. Like i was on drugs or something.

Pretty cool.
And i asked him to show what he can do. I had a very vidid dream (Lucid/Astral) of a person who died, an uncle . Who said something :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard that Rum is a much better choice, particularly for any “dark” spirit. Although I’ve used blood in rituals, I wouldn’t recommend it in offering to an Angel, fallen or otherwise.