Projection and Memory

So its said you aren’t able to sustain memories in the while projecting for over a certian amount of time (Robert Bruce said you have a 10-20 second window) Is that just at first and the more you do it the more you remember or is it just something that will always be?

Dude ,don’t compare yourself with robert bruce or any other person.don’t limit your abilities by their experiences

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I get that, I’m just using his and E.A.'s methods and trying to find my own. I was just wondering if thats common for beginners. If I should start with short projections to improve my chances of remembering all of it? Like a baby steps thing.

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Sounds like a good idea to me

Wait what does?

The baby steps idea

Okaycool, have you ever been out of body?

After the experience, write down everything. Works like dreams, you’ll build up recall while enhancing the trip.

Okay, does it feel more real than a dream? I know its different than lucid dreaming so im just wondering

I imagine its different somewhat from person to person. But, generally, dreams are while youre asleep and the other is while you’re awake/meditating/evoking/near sleep depending on how you go about it.

Okay because I’m not having too much luck with Lucid dreaming at the moment and a tarot reading I did said i should work on astral projection/soul projection instead of Lucid Dreaming. I Just want to be able to get out of body and know like “I’m out of body, this is not me dreaming or in my head”

Yea but not my personal cup of tea

Okay just wanted to see, I’m very interested in it

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If you like to do it step by step,do it

If you want to figure out your maximum amount on your own,do it for sure

No one can tell you how much YOU can stay out there

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No, once you develop a certain level of awareness you can remember everything very vividly. But it takes time and practice.