Projecting Your Intent and Desire

Based upon your experience, how much does projecting your desire and intent in a ritual affect the outcome and the power of the ritual?

I ask because I did a ritual today and asked a spirit to help me with a particular task.
While I explained what I wanted well, I didn’t really do a good job I feel at pushing my will out in the ritual and visualizing what I wanted. I mean I did do it, but I could have done better.

It was only a while after the ritual I actually had a think about it …

I’ll let everyone know how things turn out for me.

Any suggestions on how I could possibly improve the outcome of the ritual I did today? Or is it the case that once it’s done it’s done?

When you interact with the possibilities theres always that probability that things have been altered at least a little. Thats dependent upon you and how you operate, but also to external circumstances.

I usually have to opposite problem. My intent and my visualization of the goal is fine but my words in the ritual are almost comicaly inept. To the point where in an effort to get to words out in have to read them from a premade script.

I would suggest spending time in a daydream where you are experiencing the outcome of your ritual. Do this for a few days before the ritual so when you are with the spirit you can easily conjure up that scene and associated emotions more easily. Then “push” it to the spirit like a little thought-form you created or like a blueprint of your desire.

But right now I would forget the ritual, not that you did it incorrectly but if you are thinking about how you may have missed one step you are still holding on to the ritual’s energy. Letting it go will let the spirit get to work on it. If you explained it well they generally know what you meant.

If you can’t get over the feeling of failure that too is ok (as you are tuned into yourself), re-conjure and try again.


I have issues with the whole “pouring your emotion into it”, as well. I just can’t always feel the emotion, but I can visualize it just fine. I’ll say, that for me, anyway, I don’t feel the “emotion” part is that important. I’ve had a fair amount of sigil magick work for me. I didn’t pour emotion into it, simply made my sigil, charged it, then visualized what I desired, usually in a somewhat cold, distant way, like watching TV or a movie. I think the thing that gets it done is the belief, or suspension of disbelief. JMHO.

^ Agreed.

IMO emotion is helpful to convey something to a spirit, less necessary when you’re wishing something into being, kind of directly from your own power. In that case I’ve found the best emotion is to honestly not care one way or the other, other than “that would be nice if it happens.”

I won’t disagree, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary even then. The way I see it, the thing about raising the emotional level til the emotion takes you, is simply another of many ways to bring your mind to a singular point of focus. You can achieve the same thing with a chant, intensely visualizing the spirit, simple void meditation, etc.

IMHO, as soon as you’re in the presence of a spirit, they know everything about you. They know what you’re thinking, and what you’re feeling. They know what you’re asking of them is important to you, else you wouldn’t be in front of them asking for help.

Or, I’m just justifying my inability to consistently raise my emotions, lol.

What I have found is that the whole point of the emotion was to get you to a place in the ritual where you literally were (even just for a second) the living embodiment of what you wanted. It works for some to pour emotional energy into it, others work better by having a clear picture in their mind without emotions, and others work better with having a spirit to talk to.

So emotion is a tool to use, if it doesn’t work grab a new tool.